Salads - Page 4

seven-layer salad

Seven-layer salad

This gorgeous layered salad will convince even the most stubborn junk-food fans to eat their greens.

warm cabbage and mushroom salad

Warm cabbage and mushroom salad

This lightly seasoned, high-cruciferous vegetable blend is the perfect side dish for any meal.

citrus salad

Easy citrus salad

Some of the best salads in the world contain only a few ingredients and require minimal prep work.

chickpea rice salad

Chickpea rice salad

These individual salad bowls are packed to the brim with fiber, flavor and crunch.

broccoli apple slaw

Broccoli apple slaw

A crunchy sweet and spicy salad that’ll have your tastebuds begging for more.

dessert collage

Kale parmesan salad

Looking for something a little greener for your post-holiday diet? Try this simple salad that uses kale in the most delicious way.

citrus bok choy salad

Citrus bok choy salad with honey garlic ranch

Garden meets orchard in this colorful salad full of tangy fruits and crunchy greens.

greek spinach salad

Greek spinach salad

For the salad lover in all of us, here's a healthful twist on Greek salad.

sushi salad

Sushi salad

The prime ingredients of sushi combine to create an easy and filling salad, no rolling required!

beet greens salad

Beet greens, feta and apple salad

A wildly crunchy, flavorful and sweet salad that’ll liven up any meal.

mustard greens salad

Mustard greens salad with heirloom tomatoes

​This gorgeous salad has it all – a spicy kick from the mustard greens, the sweetness and rich colors of heirloom tomatoes and a savory vinaigrette.

garden vegetable pasta salad

Garden vegetable pasta salad

​A light pasta salad chock full of all your favorite fresh veggies.

salad with pomegranate seeds, grapes and kale.

Kale fruit salad

Sometimes, mixing fruits and vegetables goes a long way toward upgrading your salad.

southwestern pasta salad

Southwestern pasta salad

The taste of Tex Mex combined with your favorite pasta.

chicken broccoli salad with oranges and pomegranates

Chicken broccoli salad with oranges and pomegranate seeds

This light, citrusy chicken salad can be used as a delicious appetizer or satisfying entree.