Grilled chicken and corn salad is one of the recipes in 'Sababa.'

Grilled chicken and corn salad with avocado-za’atar green goddess dressing

Adeena Sussman, author of 'Sababa,' shares an original recipe that celebrates the flavors of Israel.

house salad dressing at apple and pear restaurant

Apple and Pear's house salad dressing

The original recipe from Israeli restaurant owner and chef Gionatan Ottolenghi is yours for the trying.

chickpea jar salad

Pesto chickpea jar salad

DIY video: The salad-in-a-jar is super convenient and a great way to stick to your healthy lifestyle on the go.

Super nutritious spinach and arugula, quinoa, vitamin and mineral-rich veggies, and a savory vegan dressing.

Quinoa cucumber salad with creamy shallot dressing

Greens, grains, seeds and a fabulous creamy dressing – it’s a meal that’ll make your trainer proud.

lemon za'atar vinaigrette

Lemon za'atar vinaigrette

This zesty dressing pairs well with a tossed green salad, or drizzled over ancient grains.

quinoa cucumber tomato salad

Quinoa cucumber tomato salad

A late-fall veggie treat with the earthy flavors of quinoa.

persimmon olive feta salad

Roasted persimmon, kalamata and feta salad with maple garlic vinaigrette

This gorgeous green salad gets its unique flavor profile from a combination of sweet roasted persimmons, Mediterranean olives and feta.

farro cherry apple salad

Farro, cherry and apple salad

Greens, grains and seasonal fresh fruits make this salad a winner on all counts.

vegan green goddess dressing

Easy vegan green goddess dressing

Bursting with the flavors of fresh herbs and tart scallions, this dressing is a great topping for garden salads or as a delicious chip dip.

heirloom tomato and chickpea salad

Chickpea and heirloom tomato salad

Colors burst and flavor abounds in this crisp, vibrant salad made with farm-fresh heirloom tomatoes.

zucchini cucumber salad

Zucchini cucumber salad

Zukes and cukes combine to make a refreshing late-summer salad. You've got to try this.

zucchini caprese salad

Zucchini caprese salad

Bellissimo! A more veggie-forward version of the classic Italian caprese salad.

zucchini micro greens salad

Zucchini and micro greens salad

All the colors of the rainbow, with some edible flowers thrown into the mix.

spicy corn salad

Spicy corn salad

Level up your barbecue with this zesty side dish.

Heirloom Tomato & Feta Panzanella Salad

Heirloom tomato and panzanella salad

Italian-inspired, summer-friendly salad perfect for your outdoor picnic or a light supper.