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roasted parsnip curry hummus

Roasted parsnip and curry hummus

The sweetness of roasted parsnip combined with pungent curry yields a fabulous spread for your morning toast, or as a nutritious veggie dip.

cucumber chickpea salad

Cucumber chickpea salad

Chickpeas are a great protein source. They're also perfect as the centerpiece of this salad.

Kefta is ground beef or lamb, mixed with a variety of herbs and spices.

Jack's Wife Freda recipe: Lamb kefta

Distinctive recipe comes from the pages of a new cookbook courtesy of a popular Israeli and South African inspired eatery in NYC.

Eggplants and tomatoes should always be together.

DIY video: Grandma's dairy-free eggplant parmesan

Vegans and lactose-intolerant people, this one goes out to you.

Mediterranean taco mix is a DIY masterpiece.

Make your own Mediterranean taco seasoning

A super-easy Mediterranean-inspired spice mix perfect for any type of tacos.

You don't need any fancy equipment to make this sauce.

Easy 4-ingredient pasta sauce

Now you can make a delicious sauce while camping in the country or adventuring through the jungle.

mediterranean chicken with Israeli couscous

Instant Pot Mediterranean spiced chicken

This Mediterranean-spiced chicken, chickpea and pepper dish will be ready before you can say 'what's that amazing smell?'

apricot rice pilaf with pomegranate seeds

Apricot rice pilaf

This old-world dish gets new life with fresh fruit and savory spices.

matbucha, a Moroccan spicy salad, served in a bowl.

Instant Pot matbucha

Enjoy this spicy Moroccan side dish in minutes with an Instant Pot, a handy countertop appliance.

black garlic tahini dip

Black garlic tahini

A thick, savory tahini dip that pairs perfectly with grilled pitas or crusty artisanal bread.

green tahini

Green tahini

Tahini goes green in this savory sesame dip loaded with flavorful herbs

jerusalem kugel

Jerusalem-style caramelized noodle pudding

A do-it-yourself version of Jerusalem’s traditional kugel.

pumpkin hummus

Pumpkin pie hummus

This creamy pumpkin spread pairs perfectly with flaky pastry crisps and light cinnamon cream.

greek tacos

Vegetarian Greek tacos

A light, vegetarian taco 'nosh' that makes a great Mediterranean meal.

hummus malei

Hummus malei

This spicy meat dish turns the Mediterranean's favorite spread into a filling meal.