black garlic tahini dip

Black garlic tahini

A thick, savory tahini dip that pairs perfectly with grilled pitas or crusty artisanal bread.

green tahini

Green tahini

Tahini goes green in this savory sesame dip loaded with flavorful herbs

jerusalem kugel

Jerusalem-style caramelized noodle pudding

A do-it-yourself version of Jerusalem’s traditional kugel.

pumpkin hummus

Pumpkin pie hummus

This creamy pumpkin spread pairs perfectly with flaky pastry crisps and light cinnamon cream.

greek tacos

Vegetarian Greek tacos

A light, vegetarian taco 'nosh' that makes a great Mediterranean meal.

hummus malei

Hummus malei

This spicy meat dish turns the Mediterranean's favorite spread into a filling meal.

spinach polenta

Spinach polenta

Polenta is an Italian dish made from cornmeal. Combined in this dish with spinach, it's irresistible.

A galette is a French pastry usually filled with fruit.

Orange, fig and honey galette

The tartness of citrus fruit balances out the sweetness of fresh figs in this tasty galette.

roasted vegetables

Roasted corn, peas and peppers

Fresh sure beats frozen in this delightfully tasty veggie dish.

matbucha spreas


This spicy, savory roasted tomato spread is the perfect topping for any Mediterranean dish.

amba sauce

Amba pickled mango sauce

Ready for something wildly different? This pickled mango sauce will take your taste buds for a ride.


Sabich (Israeli sandwich)

Hot, fresh pitas are stuffed with fried eggplant, hard boiled eggs, Israeli salad and several tasty sauces.

garbanzo white bean soup

White bean and garbanzo soup

The perfect soup for early spring, enhanced with the flavors of the Mediterranean.

This pita bread requires only 5 minutes in the oven.

Easy herb wheat pitas

Create fresh homemade pita with ease and without fuss.

tahini chocolate chip cookies

Tahini chocolate chip cookies

Turn your chocolate chip cookies into an amazing, gourmet dessert with this one surprising ingredient.