red pepper crostini tapenade

Tapenade and red pepper crostini

Whip up this tasty hors d'oeuvre with a spread of herbed goat cheese, roasted red pepper, and homemade tapenade.

garlic cloves

3 ways to peel garlic

Make your bulbs behave! Here are some easy techniques for getting the most out of your garlic.

tagine outside

How to cook with a tagine

This Moroccan delicacy is actually incredibly easy to make.

green beans tossed in olive tapenade with olives on top

Green beans with olive tapenade

Black and green olives give these green beans some serious Mediterranean flavor.

7-layer shawarma dip

Video: 7-layer shawarma dip

Mediterranean and Tex-Mex flavors merge in this tasty appetizer, with vegetarian flair.

tahini beet power bars

Tahini beet power bars

These bright red, pack-a-punch power bars are a feast for the eyes, and will keep you full for hours.

peanut butter hummus with rainbow carrots

Peanut butter hummus

It sounds odd, but this flavor pairing actually makes sense.

Jachnun finished

How to make jachnun, a Yemenite-Israeli experience

It's a flaky, hot pastry bread served with spicy tomato salsa and slow roasted eggs. And it's got a wonderful backstory.

stuffed eggplant

Beef-stuffed eggplant

You might see this dish often in Mediterranean restaurants. Now, you can enjoy it in your own home.

Hummus dip

How to make your own hummus

Watch our video to learn how to make this classic Mediterranean spread at home.

mixed veggie bean crumble

Veggie bean crumble

This hearty Mediterranean seasoned dish is bursting with flavor and incredibly filling – a perfect vegetarian meal.

heirloom tomato focaccia with Israeli feta

Heirloom tomato focaccia with Israeli feta

This mouth-watering focaccia delivers intense Israeli and homegrown flavors in each hearty bite.

falafel crusted chicken tenders

Falafel-crusted chicken cutlets

Spicy falafel flavor coats tender chicken cutlets for an amazing high-protein meal.

hummus yogurt dip

Tangy hummus yogurt dip

This variation on traditional hummus adds an extra layer of flavor and a creamy texture.

silan chicken couscous bowl

Silan chicken and Israeli couscous bowl

Everything-in-one-bowl meals are all the rage now, and this Israeli couscous and silan grilled chicken is no exception.