Meat and Poultry - Page 6

Stir-fry with turkey and vegetables

Leftover turkey stir-fry

This savory recipe may look like a lot of work, but it's relatively easy to make.

Green soup with chicken dumplings

Green soup with chicken dumplings

A warming, filling soup – perfect for a cozy winter dinner.

Classic osso buco

Lamb osso bucco

Enjoy this slow-cooked neck of lamb in its own flavorful gravy.

Homemade meatloaf with ketchup and spices

Meatloaf with a twist

An easy dinner meatloaf enriched with Mediterranean herbs.

Roast beef smothered in mushroom gravy with mashed potatoes

Slow-cooked beef in white wine gravy

A rich, easygoing beef stew that you can make in advance – because it's even better the next day.

Meatballs with Swiss chard

Meatballs with Swiss chard

A leafy twist on the classic meatball recipe.

Overnight chicken stew with Israeli couscous.

Overnight chicken stew with Israeli couscous

This slow-cook recipe does most of the work while you're out and about.

Chicken sofrito

Chicken sofrito

This take on a classic is infused with Latin American flavors.