Meat and Poultry - Page 4

Garlicky chicken with broccoli

Garlicky chicken with broccoli

A delicious vegetable and protein combo that’s heavy on flavor and nutrition.

Turkey breast stuffed with fruit and nuts

Turkey breast stuffed with fruit and nuts

A moist and flavorfully unique turkey breast recipe.

A chef pours the tahini onto the kebabs.

Kebab patties baked in tahini

This traditional Druze dish known as sinyah gives meat a Mediterranean flair.

Chicken on a bed of onions

Chicken roasted on a bed of onions

If you're a fan of onions, this recipe will have you salivating.

Lachmajoun, open meat pastries

How to make lachmajoun, open meat pastries

Often compared to pizza topped with meat, lachmajoun pastries make a piquant snack.

Beef short ribs braised in wine

Beef short ribs braised in wine

This spicy and sweet meat dinner tastes even better the next day.

Mediterranean pot roast

Mediterranean pot roast

Moist and juicy, this roast is especially savory with a hint of wine and herbs.

Chicken soup with rice

Green chicken soup with rice

A rich, smooth and spicy alternative to the usual chicken soup.


Meat-stuffed potatoes with herbs and spices

Known as mafroum, this Mediterranean dish is savory and spicy.

Roast chicken with figs

Roasted chicken with figs

Rosemary- and basil-scented chicken, roasted with figs at their peak of ripeness.

Pargiot chicken from Israel

Chicken thighs in an almond crust

Known as 'pargiot,' this is one of the many interesting ways Israelis cook chicken.

Winter pea soup

Winter pea soup with sausages

Warm body and soul with this rich, thickly textured pea soup.

Lamb-stuffed mulberry leaves

Lamb-stuffed mulberry leaves

Just as delicious as stuffed grape leaves, and just a little different.

Stuffed poussins

Poussins stuffed with rice and pine nuts

Poussins, or very young chickens, come out of the oven perfectly roasted and tender. Try them with sweet potatoes, like this.

Sweet and sour meatballs

Sweet and sour meatballs

These small and savory bites work great as an appetizer or a main dish.