Meat and Poultry - Page 2

sausage pepper stir fry

Sausage pepper stir fry

This savory blend of sausage and peppers makes a complete meal when served over wild rice.

mustard green chicken salad

Mustard greens and grilled chicken salad

Perfectly grilled chicken strips over a bed of spicy mustard greens.

grilled pineapple and sausage kebabs

Grilled pineapple and sausage kebabs

This sweet-spicy combination of pineapple and sausage will rock your taste buds.

BBQ chicken stew

BBQ chicken stew

The fabulous aroma of this tasty chicken stew will bring everyone home for dinner.

pastrami-wrapped tater tots

Pastrami-wrapped tater tots with dipping sauce

These perfect party treats are a bite of heaven for meat and potato lovers.

beef with broccoli and snowpeas

Beef with broccoli and snow peas

Tender beef strips and bright, crisp vegetables in a savory sauce.


Broiled turkey kebabs with grilled tomato and onion

Make your own Mediterranean-style kebabs in the comfort of your own kitchen – no grill or fancy equipment needed.

chicken tenders with apricot sauce

Coconut-crusted chicken with spicy apricot dipping sauce

Hawaiian-inspired chicken tenders with a flaky crust and a sweet and spicy sauce.


Tomato herb brisket

This brisket's flavor and tenderness go a long way to please the crowds.

turkey lasagna

Turkey and mushroom lasagna

A savory, lightened up version of an all-time favorite dinner.

pastrami and spinach stuffed chicken

Pastrami and spinach stuffed chicken

Moist, succulent chicken rolls with a savory pastrami and spinach filling.

chicken broccoli salad with oranges and pomegranates

Chicken broccoli salad with oranges and pomegranate seeds

This light, citrusy chicken salad can be used as a delicious appetizer or satisfying entree.

Curried chicken with sweet potatoes and apples

Curried chicken with sweet potatoes and apples

Savory and a little sweet, with the pungent touch of curry and wine. That's how chicken is done.

This lamb tajine incorporates tender meat, seasonal fruit and almonds for a light crunch.

Lamb and plum tajine

This spicy, aromatic Moroccan-style lamb with seasonal fruit is warm and cozy, but still perfect for summer.

turkey pastrami orzo salad

Turkey pastrami and orzo salad

​A savory pasta and deli salad seasoned with cumin and fresh parsley.