panko crusted salmon

Panko crusted salmon fillets

Seasoned crispy bread crumb coating over honey mustard salmon yields some serious umami.

tuna and dill loaf

Tuna dill loaf

Whip up dinner in minutes with this delicious seafood alternative to meatloaf.

Honey smoked salmon salad with a garlicky sriracha dressing.

Honey smoked salmon salad

A savory blend of flavors and textures makes this smoky salad a hit every time.

fish tacos

Fish tacos with peach salsa

These fish tacos have a boat-load of flavors, textures and tastes for a delicious taco experience.

kani faux crab salad

Kani faux crab salad

This eye-catching shredded fish salad has a choice of ginger or sriracha-soy dressings to top it off.

chilean sea bass

Cajun blackened Chilean sea bass

Delicate, melt-in-your-mouth sea bass with a crusty coat of Cajun blackened spice.

tuna steaks

Coconut and honey herb-crusted tuna steaks

Choose from pan-seared or ‘bake and broil’ to prepare this mouth-watering fish dish.

tuna melt

English muffin tuna melt

Crispy English muffin, savory tuna and melted cheese form the perfect open-face sandwich.

fried tilapia

Pan-fried tilapia

​A light, tasty tilapia seasoned with curry and dill that takes just minutes to prepare.

salmon steak with dill and lemons

Sweet and sour pickled salmon steaks

This cold salmon has a pungent and satisfying sweet-and-sour flavor.

curried tuna salad

Curried tuna salad

A surprisingly sweet addition to this salad makes a fast, easy and light lunch.

salmon croquettes with lemon dill sauce.

Salmon croquettes with lemon dill sauce

Savory salmon cakes pair perfectly with a tart, creamy sauce.

Spicy Moroccan fish balls

Spicy Moroccan fish balls

Looking for a fish dish with a kick? Look no further.

Fish patties in herb and lemon sauce

Fish patties in herb and lemon sauce

Fish cakes made tangy with fresh coriander and lemon.

Fish in walnut crust

Fish baked in a walnut crust

A crunchy exterior and a juicy inside make this a fish you'll be talking about.