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Toast to freshness, flavor and flair this New Year's Day.

Orange-cranberry champagne sangria

It's festive, fruity and made with fresh ingredients. What could be a better way to ring in the new year?

Madame 57 is a champagne cocktail served at French 57, a bar in Tel Aviv.

This champagne cocktail is your new favorite New Year's drink

And its recipe comes straight from French 57, a hip new bar in Tel Aviv that combines soulful New Orleans style and local Israeli ingredients.

apple cider

Homemade spiced apple cider with a kick

Everyone's favorite holiday drink done right.

chocoalte peppermint cookies

Chocolate peppermint slice-and-bake cookies

Make the dough in advance, and simply slice and bake when you're ready.

fruit compote with pound cake

Drunken fruit compote

Traditional holiday fruit compote gets a flavor and presentation boost with semi-sweet wine and the best pound cake you can find.

garlic herb infused olive oil

Garlic and herb infused olive oil

This is a great gift-giving idea. Easy prep, easy customization, easy dipping.

turkey and vegetables

One-hour turkey roast with sauteed vegetables

When you’re short on time, one-hour turkey breasts with sauteed vegetables are the perfect Thanksgiving meal plan.

fried sweet potato pie

Fried sweet potato pies

A Southern-inspired treat that's a fantastic holiday addition for families around the world to enjoy.

caramelized baked pears

Caramelized baked pears

The warming aromas, spices and flavors of the holiday season are upon us. And here they are in an amazing baked pear dish.

These lemon bars are enhanced with a warm, light browned butter crust.

Meyer lemon bars with browned butter crust

Sweet-tart Meyer lemons and a caramelized butter crust yield an out-of-this-world delicious lemon bar.

ginger pear crisp

Ginger pear crisp

Fall is the perfect time to slice up your favorite fruit and bake it with a delightful crumbly topping.

raspberry ginger cocktail

Raspberry ginger smash cocktail

This glorious mixed drink welcomes you to fall in style.

watermelon pizza

Watermelon pizza

In just minutes, you can create this amazing dessert ‘pizza’ out of a watermelon.

snacking chickpeas

Roasted sweet and savory snacking chickpeas

Reach for these delicious and enticing roasted chickpeas when you get the urge to snack.

mango rose pastry

Mango rose pastries

These lovely edible flowers are perfect for an outdoor garden party or bridal shower.