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Mango sorbet + champagne = low-maintenance cheers.

Mango sorbet champagne cocktail

This frosty concoction requires only two ingredients: mango sorbet and champagne.

frozen mimosa

Frozen mimosa

It's the cocktail that looks and tastes like dessert.

champagne fruit cocktail

Champagne fruit cocktail with fruit-filled ice cubes

Up the ante on your New Year's bubbly.

Toast to freshness, flavor and flair this New Year's Day.

Orange-cranberry champagne sangria

It's festive, fruity and made with fresh ingredients. What could be a better way to ring in the new year?

Madame 57 is a champagne cocktail served at French 57, a bar in Tel Aviv.

This champagne cocktail is your new favorite New Year's drink

And its recipe comes straight from French 57, a hip new bar in Tel Aviv that combines soulful New Orleans style and local Israeli ingredients.

apple cider

Homemade spiced apple cider with a kick

Everyone's favorite holiday drink done right.

kiwi lemonade smoothie

Kiwi lemonade smoothie

This fruity concoction is the ultimate elixir to keep the sickies away.

raspberry ginger cocktail

Raspberry ginger smash cocktail

This glorious mixed drink welcomes you to fall in style.

kale fruit smoothie

Purple baby kale and fruit smoothie

When warm weather gets you craving something sweet and cold, this is the ticket. It's also a great energy booster.

smoothie bowl

Strawberry mango smoothie bowl

Refresh your morning with this easy 2-step fruit smoothie.

dragon fruit smoothie

Dragon fruit margarita smoothie

The creamy speckled flesh of this fiery-colored fruit is a natural base for this cocktail.

super green smoothie

Super green smoothie

Avocado in a smoothie? Trust us. It's good fat, and great taste.

citrus fruit punch

Citrus fruit punch

Make your New Year's gathering memorable with an all-natural punch that's packed with Vitamin C and flavor.

peanut butter hot cocoa

Peanut butter hot cocoa

A steamy cup of cocoa with a hint of peanut butter, thick swirl of whipped cream and a nutty, chocolate topping.

mulled wine

Mulled wine

The perfect brew for wassail with friends – or a cozy movie night at home.