Drinks and smoothies

Sub out Campari for pomegranate juice for a fun variation of the classic Negroni cocktail.


Fresh, sweet-bitter pomegranate juice makes the perfect centerpiece for this twist on the Italian Negroni cocktail.

apple pie smoothie

Apple pie smoothie

Start the day with a healthy smoothie that tastes like dessert and takes minutes to whip up? I’m in.

scotch whiskey caramel milkshake

Scotch whiskey caramel milkshake

Learn how to turn a childhood favorite into a delicious summer cocktail.

watermelon lemonade boozy slushies

Two-tone watermelon lemonade boozy slushie

Watch how a childhood favorite easily becomes a breezy summer cocktail.

strawberry cantaloupe smoothie

Strawberry cantaloupe smoothie

This refreshing fruity beverage is a perfect start to your summer picnic or dinner party.

mocha protein shake

Mocha protein shake

Start your week off with a delicious drink that gives you energy and nutrition.

blood orange margarita with garnish

Blood orange margarita

This is the best margarita recipe using blood oranges – and the easiest.

moroccan mint tea

My strange journey to learn how to make the perfect cup of Moroccan tea

I traveled to a small town in Morocco to teach you to make and serve this ancient tea.

strawberry mint shooters

Strawberry mint shooters

These (non-alcoholic) juice shots are refreshing, fruity and perfect for your next party.

apricot raspberry smoothie

Apricot raspberry smoothie

Layer upon layer of sweet, fruity freshness in a glass.

Kimbucha bottle and glass.

How to make Kombucha the right way

Kombucha is a popular fermented tea beverage, and it's suprisingly easy to make at home. Here's how in four steps.

kiwi parsley cooler

Kiwi parsley cooler

This one's a little different than your average fruity cocktail. And we like different.

basil grapefruit cocktail

Basil grapefruit mojito

Imbibe in style, with ingredients you can grow in your backyard.

Homemade coffee creamer in two flavors with spices.

Make your own coffee creamer with just 3 ingredients

Vegan? Avoiding sugar? Tired of cheap imitations? We've got a couple delicious versions of creamer to fit any diet.

champagne cocktail

'That's What She Said' champagne cocktail

A tongue-in-cheek concoction brought to you by spunky mixologist Kelsey Didit of NYC hotspot Bustan.