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speckled coffee cookies

Speckled coffee cookies

A sophisticated, speckled cookie with a gourmet coffee flavor and a delicious chocolate center.

Chocolate cake with triple glaze

Chocolate cake with triple glaze

Eye-catching and mouth-watering, this moist chocolate cake is a guaranteed winner for your party or special occasion.

cinnamon blueberry cake

Cinnamon blueberry cake

A moist, cinnamony white cake filled with sweet blueberry goodness.

Rice krispy cookies

Rice krispy cookies

​Perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookies with a surprising crispy center.

Mini cappuccino cheesecakes.

Mini cappuccino cheesecakes

A dreamy trio of coffee, cheese and chocolate create a decadent medley in these elegant mini-desserts.

jelly doughnuts on a plate on a wooden table.

Sufganiyot, Israel’s jelly donut

Warm, fresh, light and yeasty. This donut is a well-rounded approach to baked goods.

Fruit syllabub

Tropical fruit syllabub

Luscious, creamy tropical fruit topped with a zesty whipped cream and fresh fruit chunks.

cinnamon cappuccino chocolate chunk cookies with milk.

Cinnamon cappuccino chocolate chunk cookies

The well-loved flavors of coffee, cinnamon and chocolate create a decadent medley in these fudgy cookies.

Tiramisu in cocktail glasses

Tiramisu in cocktail glasses

A rich and creamy no-bake Italian cheese dessert with strong notes of espresso and vodka.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Mocha Cream and Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate cupcakes with mocha cream and chocolate ganache

This easy cupcake recipe with a few fun twists yields a decadent and gourmet dessert.

Date cake with mandarin orange glaze.

Date cake with mandarin orange glaze

A dense, sweet cake with the unique flavor of dates and a sweet, fruity glaze.

oatmeal pecan craisin cookies

Oatmeal pecan craisin cookies

Highly satisfying and filling cookies packed with flavor and fiber.

This peanut butter cheesecake is topped with a chocolate Magic Shell drizzle.

Peanut butter cheesecake

Luscious, light cheesecake made with peanut butter cookies and a crunchy chocolate topping.

Banana black cherry ice cream in a glass.

Banana black cherry ice cream

Cool, creamy, fresh and fruity – ice cream doesn’t get much better than this.

Israeli chocolate balls.

How to make Israel’s 'favorite dessert'

Chocolate balls are an easy-to-create iconic treat.