chocolate caramel brownie

Chocolate caramel brownie

These nutritious fudge brownies are made with date syrup, which tastes just like caramel in this dessert.

speculoos cake with chocolate glaze

Speculoos cake with dark chocolate ganache

A rich glaze takes this spiced Belgian-style cookie cake over the top.

mint chocolate chunk cookies

Oversized mint crunch cookies

What’s better than a chewy cookie stuffed with melted chocolate chunks and a hint of mint? An oversized one!

pumpkin chocolate fudge

5-ingredient pumpkin chocolate fudge

Rich, chocolatey and made with incredibly nutritious ingredients – and, as a bonus, vegan.

apricot bundt cake

Apricot bundt cake with orange persimmon glaze and toasted pine nuts

Dried apricots, fresh persimmons and toasted pine nuts yield a fruity and truly one-of-a-kind cake.

mochachino cream pie

No-bake mochaccino cream pie

There's something about a pie that pairs so perfectly with your morning coffee.

roasted cacao nib brownies with matcha frosting

Roasted cacao nib brownies with matcha frosting

They're vegan, they're sweet and they're packed with 2 trendy ingredients: cacao nibs and matcha.

lime cream pies

No-bake mini lime cream pies

Treat yourself to a personal-sized pie with big flavor with these luscious desserts.

gluten-free chocolate coconut cake

Gluten-free chocolate coconut cake

Great for layering, or slice it up with a scoop of your favorite frozen dessert.

This chocolate hazelnut parfait is a blend of homemade chocolate hazelnut granola and rum flavored tart cream.

Chocolate hazelnut granola parfait

This beautiful parfait dessert cup layers dark chocolate granola and hazelnuts with rum-infused cream.

donut cookies

Chocolate glazed donut cookies

Is it a donut? Is it a cookie? Try this unconventional baked treat for your next gathering.

banana nut butter bonbons

Banana nut butter bon bons

These bite-sized treats may look like an indulgent dessert, but they're full of good-for-you ingredients, too.

chocolate eclair cake

No-bake chocolate eclair cake

This luscious no-bake cake will take you back to the eclairs of your childhood on the first creamy bite.

lemon pie

Lemon pie with walnut crust

Light, luscious and tangy – everything you want from a home-baked lemon pie.

chocolate peanut butter kitchen s'mores

Chocolate peanut butter kitchen s'mores

Turn a campfire classic into a decadent dessert you can whip up in your own kitchen.