black garlic chocolate cake

Black garlic chocolate cake with coconut peanut butter cream

A rich decadent chocolate peanut butter cake with a surprisingly savory ingredient.


DIY video: Learn to decorate a cake using only frosting and a plastic baggie

I'm no expert, but this is a serious step up from just piling frosting on.

Pistachio spread and whole pistachios make for a sweet, nutty crunch in these sweet buns.

Pistachio crunch and dark chocolate sweet buns

An Israeli pistachio spread paired with chocolate chunks makes for the perfect pastry filling.

white chocolate star cupcakes

White chocolate star cupcakes

Roll up your sleeves, wannabe pastry chefs; this one's gonna be fun. And sparkly!

Mango sorbet + champagne = low-maintenance cheers.

Mango sorbet champagne cocktail

This frosty concoction requires only two ingredients: mango sorbet and champagne.

apple cider

Homemade spiced apple cider with a kick

Everyone's favorite holiday drink done right.

chocoalte peppermint cookies

Chocolate peppermint slice-and-bake cookies

Make the dough in advance, and simply slice and bake when you're ready.

fruit compote with pound cake

Drunken fruit compote

Traditional holiday fruit compote gets a flavor and presentation boost with semi-sweet wine and the best pound cake you can find.

toffee crunch bars

Toffee crunch bars with teff crust

A sweet toffee treat with crunch appeal and a nutty (but nut-free) crust made with high-protein teff flour.

pineapple sorbet

2-ingredient pineapple sorbet

It's so easy to make sorbet at home, and it only takes 2 ingredients.

caramelized baked pears

Caramelized baked pears

The warming aromas, spices and flavors of the holiday season are upon us. And here they are in an amazing baked pear dish.

These lemon bars are enhanced with a warm, light browned butter crust.

Meyer lemon bars with browned butter crust

Sweet-tart Meyer lemons and a caramelized butter crust yield an out-of-this-world delicious lemon bar.

caramel apple pecan cookies

Caramel apple pecan cookies

These chewy cookies have fall written all over them.

ginger pear crisp

Ginger pear crisp

Fall is the perfect time to slice up your favorite fruit and bake it with a delightful crumbly topping.

Chickpea brittle is delicious as an ice cream topping.

Chickpea brittle

Making candy out of chickpeas? Yes you can, and it's a deliciously high-protein snack or dessert.