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Asparagus breakfast sandwich.

Asparagus breakfast sandwich

This healthy take on the Egg McMuffin is a wholesome start to the day.

ginger peach muffins

Ginger peach muffins

Mouth-watering muffins packed with sweet peaches and flavored with fresh, tangy ginger.

jelly doughnuts on a plate on a wooden table.

Sufganiyot, Israel’s jelly donut

Warm, fresh, light and yeasty. This donut is a well-rounded approach to baked goods.

Granola in a bowl.

Easy, crisp, homemade granola

Crunchy and just sweet enough, this is a power cereal you can make yourself.

Whole wheat pancakes with homemade berry jam

Whole wheat pancakes with homemade berry jam

A hearty pancake breakfast packed with fiber, vitamin C and down-home deliciousness.

Banana chocolate chip muffins with caramel bits

Banana chocolate chip muffins with caramel bits

An explosion of caramely, chocolatey, banana goodness baked in a light, sweet muffin.

A close-up of a chocolate babka muffin.

Chocolate babka muffins

This dessert may be famous as a cake, but it also tastes scrumptious in bite-sized form.

Sourdough carrot cranberry muffins

Sourdough carrot cranberry muffins

A seemingly perfect baked good for the coldest of winter nights.

Spinach and mushroom quiche

Spinach and mushroom quiche

This cheese-and-veg-loaded tart is a sweet way to get your family to eat leafy greens.

Omelet made with potato and nettles

Omelet of nettles and potatoes

A quick and easy alternative to the usual breakfast eggs.

Peach cobbler muffin with peach slices

Peach cobbler muffins

Fresh peaches baked into muffins? Sounds like a scrumptious breakfast.

Cheese and tomato muffins

Cheese and tomato muffins

A delectable alternative to the everyday muffin.

Bialy onion bread

Bialy onion bread

An old recipe gets a modern-day makeover.

Creamy oatmeal

The world’s creamiest oatmeal

A smooth, warm, aromatic hot breakfast will even make adults swoon.


Traditional homemade shakshouka

Looking for an egg dish packed with flavor? Look no further.