hummus cucumber toast

Hummus cucumber toast

Toast can be fancy as well as healthy.

leek mushroom frittata

Leek and mushroom frittata

Up your Sunday brunch game with this seasonal egg dish.

cinnamon roll waffles

Waffle iron cinnamon rolls

Are they waffles? Are they cinnamon rolls? No one knows, or cares. We're all too busy eating them.

broccoli cheddar mini quiches

Broccoli cheddar mini quiches

You'll want to double up to make this easy breakfast last all week.

turmeric chai latte muffins

Turmeric chai latte muffins

All the spices from your favorite chai latte packed into a fabulous bakery-style muffin.

ginger applesauce waffles

Ginger applesauce waffles

Your waffle iron can whip up some delicious waffles, and you can dress them up in fantastic ways.

pesto baked eggs

Pesto baked eggs for 2

Use handy single-serve ramekin dishes to present an extraordinary breakfast.

Give workaday waffles a gourmet upgrade with cinnamon caramel apples.

Cinnamon caramel apple waffles

Frozen waffles for breakfast may seem mundane. This recipe offers an easy, delicious way to jazz them up.

eggs florentine scramble

Eggs florentine scramble

A light, low-maintenance breakfast that's also a great way to wind down after a big holiday meal.

french toast

Rustic French toast bake

Breakfast hits the spot with this easy, prep-ahead meal.

spinach egg toast

Simple spinach toast with poached egg

It's how breakfast is done – quick and easy.

mango kefir smoothie bowl

Mango kefir smoothie bowl

A different kind of breakfast, and one that'll start your day just right.

cherries and ricotta dessert

Cherries and ricotta

This simple breakfast combination yields a delicious topping for pancakes or toast.

lemon blueberry buckle

Lemon blueberry buckle

This dense lemony cake’s about to buckle from the boatload of juicy berries in every slice.

smoothie bowl

Strawberry mango smoothie bowl

Refresh your morning with this easy 2-step fruit smoothie.