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green earth matcha mint cookies

Green earth mint matcha cookies

No food dye here – go green with these naturally colored and flavored mint matcha and chocolate treats.

strawberry chocolate crinkle cookies

Strawberry chocolate crinkle cookies

These chocolate crinkle cookies, wildly popular this time of year, get a boost with fruit flavors.

tahini red pear muffins

Tahini red pear muffins

Sesame, cinnamon and red pear blend in harmony in this delicious and unique muffin.

chocolate caramel brownie

Chocolate caramel brownie

These nutritious fudge brownies are made with date syrup, which tastes just like caramel in this dessert.

chocolate chip tahini banana bread

Chocolate tahini banana bread

Beloved sesame spread and luscious dark chocolate add a huge flavor boost to this loaf.

speculoos cake with chocolate glaze

Speculoos cake with dark chocolate ganache

A rich glaze takes this spiced Belgian-style cookie cake over the top.

A blend of date sugar, carrots and pineapples bring an earthy vibe to these sweet muffins.

Date-sweetened carrot muffins

Carrots, date sugar and pineapple sweeten these bakery-style fresh and fluffy muffins.

apricot bundt cake

Apricot bundt cake with orange persimmon glaze and toasted pine nuts

Dried apricots, fresh persimmons and toasted pine nuts yield a fruity and truly one-of-a-kind cake.

halvah carob muffins

Carob muffins with halvah streusel

These oversize muffins are marbled with ribbons of carob cream and a sweet, nutty halvah topping.

pumpkin chocolate cake

Pumpkin chocolate cake with chocolate glaze

Rich, dark chocolate and creamy pumpkin pair up to create a decadent, gorgeous cake with subtle nutmeg notes.

Warm, soft pretzels enhanced with the flavors of za'atar, a Mediterranean spice blend.

Za'atar pretzel twists

The classic pretzel gets a Mediterranean twist with a versatile savory spice.

donut cookies

Chocolate glazed donut cookies

Is it a donut? Is it a cookie? Try this unconventional baked treat for your next gathering.

lemon glazed croissants

Glazed lemon croissants

Light and lemony, these mini pastries are the ultimate partner for your cuppa tea.

lemon pie

Lemon pie with walnut crust

Light, luscious and tangy – everything you want from a home-baked lemon pie.

summertime naan pizza

Summertime naan pizza

Pizza night gets an upgrade with fresh corn, parsley and pesto.