Baking - Page 10

Mini chocolate eclairs

Mini chocolate éclairs

Delicious bites of custard-filled pastries topped with dark chocolate glaze.

cherry oat bars

Cherry oat bars (gluten-free)

Sweet, crispy oat bars filled with a tart cherry coconut filling.

apricot cake

Fresh apricot cake

An easy, summery, crowd-pleasing cake.

Cheese tartlet trio

Brazilian cheese tartlets

In Brazil, they're called 'quejadinhas.' Here, they're called 'amazing.'

Zucchini carrot oat muffins

Whole-grain zucchini carrot muffins

Veggie-filled muffins make a delicious, satisfying breakfast or anytime snack.

gluten-free black bean brownies

Gluten-free streusel-topped black bean brownies

Don’t let the name scare you off – these rich, super moist brownies are sweet and scented with coffee and cinnamon.

oreo cookie cake

Glazed Oreo cookie cake

When you can’t decide which dessert to serve – cookies or cake – this moist, cookie-filled cake is the perfect answer!

speckled coffee cookies

Speckled coffee cookies

A sophisticated, speckled cookie with a gourmet coffee flavor and a delicious chocolate center.

Chocolate cake with triple glaze

Chocolate cake with triple glaze

Eye-catching and mouth-watering, this moist chocolate cake is a guaranteed winner for your party or special occasion.

cinnamon blueberry cake

Cinnamon blueberry cake

A moist, cinnamony white cake filled with sweet blueberry goodness.

Rice krispy cookies

Rice krispy cookies

​Perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookies with a surprising crispy center.

spinach turnovers with leek sauce

Spinach turnovers with leek sauce

Flaky dough pockets stuffed with savory spinach filling and topped with a sweet, creamy sauce.

Chocolate butter croissants after baking.

Chocolate butter croissants

A little bite of chocolatey heaven rolled into a delicate and delicious French-style croissant.

Mini cappuccino cheesecakes.

Mini cappuccino cheesecakes

A dreamy trio of coffee, cheese and chocolate create a decadent medley in these elegant mini-desserts.

ginger peach muffins

Ginger peach muffins

Mouth-watering muffins packed with sweet peaches and flavored with fresh, tangy ginger.