Appetizers - Page 8


Rice with nettles

The unique, rich, dark taste of this plant enhances all sorts of foods.

Salmon kebab

Asian-flavored salmon skewers

An appetizing Japanese-inspired fish dish.

Roasted cherry tomato pesto recipe

Roasted cherry tomato pesto

Sweet tomatoes – and a surprising dash of garlic salt – add up to a delicious treat for a get-together.

Crisp-skinned potatoes in a frying pan

Crisp-skinned potatoes

A healthy side dish that has both flavor and crunch.

Israeli charred eggplant salad

Israeli charred eggplant salad

A full-flavored Mediterranean dish that works as both an appetizer or a main dish.

Potato wedges

Golden herbed potato wedges

Crisp on the outside and tender inside, these potato wedges are a delicious indulgence.



This Mediterranean dish is low in carbs and quite filling.

Butternut squash cubes

Butternut squash gratin

A sweet vegetable pairs perfectly with a cheese crust.

Barley risotto with zucchini and walnuts

Barley risotto with zucchini and walnuts

This versatile grain, mixed with vegetables and nuts, will fill you up on cold winter days.

Chickpea sambusak

Chickpea sambusak

Mediterranean turnovers stuffed with a piquant chickpea filling.

Saffron rice with winter vegetables

Saffron rice with winter vegetables

An old steaming method delivers a cozy winter recipe.

Fish soup

Fish soup for winter dinners

An aromatic, briny soup full of Mediterranean flavors.

Caramelized cauliflower.

Caramelized cauliflower

Drenched in butter, this dish is indescribably delicious.

A delicious dish of Turkish salad.

Turkish salad

This healthy side dish adds a dash of color to any table.

Cardoon and potato gratin.

Cardoon and potato gratin

A bitter thistle yields a rich appetizer.