Appetizers - Page 4

spiced nuts in a bowl

Sweet and spicy nut mix

These party-perfect morsels kick those bland mixes right out of the bowl.

pita wedges

Pita wedges with edamame hummus and grilled veggies

A new twist on an old favorite – grilled veggie-topped pita wedges are a unique party food or dinner appetizer.

veggie bean wraps

Veggie bean wraps

Avocado, sprouts and refried beans create a nutritious, delicious lunch on the go.

deviled eggs

Simple deviled eggs

This popular party appetizer can be a great addition to your New Year's gathering menu.

kale leek patties

Kale, leek and feta patties

Sweet leeks and softened kale make a fabulous combo in these savory fried patties.

chicken tenders with apricot sauce

Coconut-crusted chicken with spicy apricot dipping sauce

Hawaiian-inspired chicken tenders with a flaky crust and a sweet and spicy sauce.

eggplant rollups

Eggplant rollups

A savory Mediterranean-style eggplant dish with a boat-load of veggies packed inside.

cheddar biscuits

Cheddar biscuits

These warm, fluffy biscuits are addictive. Don't say we didn't warn you.

beet salad with tehina sauce

Beets with tehina

This recipe, from an award-winning Philadelphia chef, has a way of winning over even the most beet-averse eaters.

crispy haloumi cheese

Crispy halloumi cheese with dates, walnuts and apples

Author of bestselling cookbook 'Zahav' shares a classic recipe that's a hit at his Philadelphia restaurant.

red schug

How to make schug, a Mediterranean hot sauce

This fiery relish isn't for the faint of heart.

sun-dried tomato sushi

Sun-dried tomato sushi

Sushi goes high-fiber vegan with sun-dried tomatoes and exotic rice blends

baked broccoli with cheddar and salsa

Baked broccoli with cheddar and salsa

This super-easy broccoli cheddar dish is comfort food redefined

kale and cauliflower flatbread

Cauliflower and kale flatbreads

This gluten-free meal brings out the best in 2 super-healthy, super-versatile vegetables.

fresh vegetarian sushi

Vegetarian sushi

Skip the nearest Asian takeout spot tonight and craft your own irresistible sushi right at home.