spinach crudite dip

Spinach and onion crudite dip

This savory spinach dip will make your crudite platter disappear in minutes.

strawberry avocado salsa

Strawberry avocado fruit salsa

Avo lovers, get your salsa on.

spinach pesto pockets

Spinach pesto pockets

You’ll keep coming back for more of these crispy, spinach-filled appetizers.

red pepper crostini tapenade

Tapenade and red pepper crostini

Whip up this tasty hors d'oeuvre with a spread of herbed goat cheese, roasted red pepper, and homemade tapenade.

vegan creamy potato salad

Vegan creamy potato salad

Easy, wholesome salad with a nutrient-rich dressing that’s perfect for your plant-based guests.

vegan black bean quesadilla

Vegan black bean quesadillas

No one will guess these hot, cheesy quesadillas are actually a healthy vegan meal.

homemade salsa with heirloom tomatoes

How to make the perfect salsa at home

No need for the store-bought version. This recipe is authentic, packed with flavor and easily customized.

vegan sausage stuffed mushrooms

Vegan sausage stuffed mushrooms

Try a new meatless dinner idea your family will beg you to repeat.

7-layer shawarma dip

Video: 7-layer shawarma dip

Mediterranean and Tex-Mex flavors merge in this tasty appetizer, with vegetarian flair.

parmesan basil crisps

Parmesan basil crisps

A 5-minute, 2-ingredient recipe that gets you an awesome, crunchy snack or salad topper.

farro stuffed beets

Farro stuffed beets

These adorable beet bowls are packed with nutty al dente farro, apricots, feta and fresh herbs.

olive and red pepper relish

Olive and red pepper relish

This quick and easy relish will add a pop of flavor and color to any dish.

Hummus dip

How to make your own hummus

Watch our video to learn how to make this classic Mediterranean spread at home.

chili cheese popcorn

Chili cheese popcorn

Put a little flavor in your Netflix night.

heirloom tomato focaccia with Israeli feta

Heirloom tomato focaccia with Israeli feta

This mouth-watering focaccia delivers intense Israeli and homegrown flavors in each hearty bite.