olive and red pepper relish

Olive and red pepper relish

This quick and easy relish will add a pop of flavor and color to any dish.

Hummus dip

How to make your own hummus

Watch our video to learn how to make this classic Mediterranean spread at home.

chili cheese popcorn

Chili cheese popcorn

Put a little flavor in your Netflix night.

heirloom tomato focaccia with Israeli feta

Heirloom tomato focaccia with Israeli feta

This mouth-watering focaccia delivers intense Israeli and homegrown flavors in each hearty bite.

Warm, soft pretzels enhanced with the flavors of za'atar, a Mediterranean spice blend.

Za'atar pretzel twists

The classic pretzel gets a Mediterranean twist with a versatile savory spice.

homemade pickles

How to make your own garlic pickles

Make your own crunchy garlic pickles in minutes – and enjoy in just a few days.

hummus yogurt dip

Tangy hummus yogurt dip

This variation on traditional hummus adds an extra layer of flavor and a creamy texture.

yogurt dill dipping sauce

Yogurt dill dipping sauce

Treat your veggies to a savory, creamy dressing that makes dipping fun.

spicy hummus mayo dip

Spicy hummus mayo dip

It's hummus with a creamy twist. You'll want this one at the top of your recipe bookmarks.

guacamole-stuffed mushrooms with tahini drizzle

Guacamole-stuffed mushrooms with tahini drizzle

A beautiful, unique appetizer that’ll have your guests gushing and coming back for more.

roasted parsnip curry hummus

Roasted parsnip and curry hummus

The sweetness of roasted parsnip combined with pungent curry yields a fabulous spread for your morning toast, or as a nutritious veggie dip.

black bean patties

Spicy black bean patties

You’ll be hooked on this spicy black bean appetizer from the first crispy bite.

stuffed apricots

Stuffed apricots

Make your next party one for the ages with this adorable appetizer.

homemade almond milk and herb crackers

How to make your own almond herb crackers and almond milk

How cool is it that out of a mere nut and some basic kitchen tools, you can produce milk and crackers?

tomato basil tart photo with Jerry James Stone recipe

Tomato basil tart

What's better than a pastry for dinner? This tomato basil tart makes it look easy.