guacamole-stuffed mushrooms with tahini drizzle

Guacamole-stuffed mushrooms with tahini drizzle

A beautiful, unique appetizer that’ll have your guests gushing and coming back for more.

roasted parsnip curry hummus

Roasted parsnip and curry hummus

The sweetness of roasted parsnip combined with pungent curry yields a fabulous spread for your morning toast, or as a nutritious veggie dip.

black bean patties

Spicy black bean patties

You’ll be hooked on this spicy black bean appetizer from the first crispy bite.

stuffed apricots

Stuffed apricots

Make your next party one for the ages with this adorable appetizer.

homemade almond milk and herb crackers

How to make your own almond herb crackers and almond milk

How cool is it that out of a mere nut and some basic kitchen tools, you can produce milk and crackers?

tomato basil tart photo with Jerry James Stone recipe

Tomato basil tart

What's better than a pastry for dinner? This tomato basil tart makes it look easy.

black garlic tahini dip

Black garlic tahini

A thick, savory tahini dip that pairs perfectly with grilled pitas or crusty artisanal bread.

steak-wrapped string beans

Steak-wrapped string beans

A little break from the barrage of desserts, and a great dish to serve at a party.

twice baked potato

Twice-baked potato skins with sun-dried tomatoes

These crispy potato shells are stuffed with cheesy mashed potatoes and savory tomatoes.

green tahini

Green tahini

Tahini goes green in this savory sesame dip loaded with flavorful herbs

pumpkin hummus

Pumpkin pie hummus

This creamy pumpkin spread pairs perfectly with flaky pastry crisps and light cinnamon cream.

Nachos get a Mediterranean upgrade here.

Pita chip nachos

When Mexican meets Mediterranean, the results are always delicious.

garlic sesame broccoli

Garlic sesame broccoli

A simple vegetable dish with Asian flair and tons of flavor.

snacking chickpeas

Roasted sweet and savory snacking chickpeas

Reach for these delicious and enticing roasted chickpeas when you get the urge to snack.

stuffed tomatoes

Garlic and herb stuffed tomatoes

Because fresh tomatoes define summer, and stuffed tomatoes define the perfect dinner.