Peach-filled crepes topped with whipped cream and peach syrup. Peach-filled crepes topped with whipped cream and peach syrup. Israeli Kitchen Peach-filled crepes topped with whipped cream and peach syrup. (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

Peach-filled crepes

Spoil someone with this fresh, luscious summer dessert.

  • Yield: Serves 8
  • Prep time: 1 hour, 25 minutes
  • Cook time: 20 minutes

We’ve celebrated summer’s peaches in luscious recipes like our peach sangria, peach cobbler muffins and peach and date chutney. But we’re not at the end of our peach resources. In Israel, the season for sweet, juicy peaches extends through most of the long summer, and the only hard part about it is choosing another recipe that celebrates them.

And here’s a good choice: peach-filled crepes, topped with a homemade peach syrup and enjoyed with a spoonful of whipped cream. An impressive dessert for company, or when you’re in the mood to spoil the family. It has four components: the crepes; the cooked filling; the syrup, which nothing more than the liquid the peaches cooked in, and the whipped cream. None of it’s hard to do, and you can make all those stages ahead of time, popping the filled crepes into a hot oven to reheat for 10 minutes whenever it’s time to serve.

Ideally, you’ll be using an 8-inch skillet, which lets you make nice, round crepes of just the right size. But if your skillet is larger, don’t worry; instructions for that are below.


    For crepes:

  • 1 cup milk
  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • For filling:

  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 cup water, room temperature
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 8 peaches
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract
  • Whipped cream
  • Ground cinnamon


Combine all the crepe ingredients in a large bowl, in the order given. Mix well. Alternately, put everything into a blender and blend until smooth. The batter will be thin. Cover it and put in the refrigerator for one hour. Don’t skip this step; the hour’s rest lets the batter finish coming together, ensuring a thin, delicate wrap for the fruit.

While the crepe batter is resting, slice the peaches thinly. Reserve 16 slices for garnish. In a large pan, heat the sugar and cornstarch together, stirring, over low heat. Raise the heat to medium when the sugar and cornstarch are well mixed, and add the water in stages, stirring well between additions. When the syrup is smooth, add the butter and the sliced peaches. Cook the peaches 10 minutes, or less, depending on their firmness (or softness). You want the slices to be just cooked through, to keep their shape.

Remove the peach slices from the syrup with a slotted spoon. Reduce heat and add the reserved slices to the syrup. Cook 2-3 minutes, then remove the garnish slices to a small bowl. Continue cooking the syrup down until it's very thick and starting to caramelize – another 3 minutes or so.

Have ready a wire rack for cooling the crepes. Grease a medium-sized nonstick skillet with a little oil or a combination of oil and butter. The first one or two crepes will need this; afterward you’ll hardly need to grease the skillet at all. Heat the skillet over medium heat for half a minute. If using an 8-inch skillet, drop about a quarter-cup of batter onto the center, then tilt it around to spread the batter. If you’re not used to making crepes, the first ones may come out looking funny; persevere, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. Keep those funny-looking crepes; they’ll look fine when they’re filled and rolled up.

crepe on a skilletCrepes take a bit of effort to perfect. Don't worry if they don't look perfect the first couple of times. (Photo: SteerDragon/Shutterstock)

If using a larger skillet, ladle a ring of batter onto the skillet, quickly filling up the center with more batter. Spread the batter out with the back of the ladle if necessary.

Either way, fry the crepe until the top starts to look dry. Flip it over and cook the other side for 15 seconds or so. Cool each crepe on the wire rack, then remove to a plate.

Place paper towels between the crepes as you stack them up, to prevent sticking.

If planning to serve the dish later, refrigerate crepes and syrup.

Have sweetened whipped cream ready 15 minutes before serving. Line a baking pan or large casserole with baking parchment.

Fill the center of each crepe with about 3 tablespoons of peach slices. Roll the crepe up tightly. Place in the baking pan.

CrepesCrepes are done and ready to be served. (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

When all the crepes are filled and in the baking pan, glaze them lightly with some of the reserved cooking syrup. Heat in a 350° F (175° C) oven 10 minutes.

To serve, drop two of the reserved peach slices on each crepe. Top with whipped cream, and sprinkle with cinnamon if desired.

Tips and notes:

  • The peaches should be just ripe and still firm, for easy slicing. Even a tad under-ripe – cooking them will bring their peachy flavor out.
  • I leave the peel on the fruit for this recipe because I like its rosy color, and it doesn’t make a difference in the enjoyment of eating.
  • 1 tablespoon of rum in the filling gives a heady, adult flavor to the dish.

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