turmeric chai latte muffins with Numi chai turmeric chai latte muffins with Numi chai Baked goods + flavored teas = gourmet perfection. (Photo: Beth Intro)

6 ways to use tea in cooking

These recipes using tea will make getting through the last few days of winter a bit easier.

On a cool, brisk morning there are few things better than a warm, inviting cup of tea to soften those late-winter edges. But did you know there's so much more you can do with those aromatic tea bags that go way beyond cozy morning sips? Indeed, some clever cooks – a few of which are based right here in our Israeli Kitchen – have crafted original recipes that use tea not as a beverage, but as a cooking ingredient.

Teas bring distinct flavor, depth and a gourmet upgrade to your foods, plus a pleasant fragrance that fills your home as you cook. So what are you still shivering for? Get thee to the tea bags and start cooking!

Raspberry tea brownies

raspberry browniesSimple brownies get a gourmet upgrade with raspberry. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Are you the type who goes straight for the fruit salad when everyone else is eating brownies? Good for you. For everyone else – and that's a lot of everyone elses – there's these beauties, a wondrous melding of fruit, tea and chocolate flavors that turns everyday brownies into culinary gems.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe here.

Honey chiffon cake

Honey chiffon cakeHoney chiffon cake (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

This one requires you to prepare a cup of strong tea in advance. Our suggestion? Make two! One for mixing into the batter, and one for sipping alongside a slice of this amazing cake when it's done.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe here.

Turmeric chai muffins

turmeric chai latte muffinsInfuse your favorite hot beverage into a muffin. (Photo: Beth Intro)

Sarah Berkowitz, home cook and stellar Israeli Kitchen contributor, recently discovered a veritable wonderland of fabulous new tea flavors at a food show. One was a brand of turmeric golden chai from Numi. Days later, that tea became the inspiration for her own tea-infused muffins.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe here.

Sliced boiled eggs for sabich

sabichThe sabich is an increasingly popular street food in Israel. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

This sandwich is stuffed with everything but the kitchen sink. In fact, go ahead and throw in the kitchen sink. But first, use Sarah's technique for creating perfectly boiled eggs – which uses an English breakfast tea bag. You'll gobble up this sabich, a popular Israeli stuffed pita that's filled with eggplant, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and all your favorite Mediterranean condiments.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe here.

Green tea chicken noodle soup

a bowl of Chicken soup infused with green teaChicken soup infused with green tea makes a superb cold-buster. (Photo: aldarinho/Shutterstock)

Your cold-busting soup just got elevated to cure-all status. Your ailments will be but a distant memory after sipping this soup, which is popular in Asian cuisine and lauded in Chinese medicine for its restorative properties. Simply add a pinch or two of loose green tea leaves into your stock, and let it simmer until tender.

Try adding it to your next bowl of hot noodle soup, like this recipe from Serious Eats.

Chinese tea eggs

Chinese tea eggsTea eggs are a traditional Chinese snack. (Photo: Tatiana Vorona/Shutterstock)

Speaking of Asian cuisine ... At first glance, these tea eggs look like they're decorated for Halloween. But this fragrant, flavorful creation is actually a year-round snack sold all over the world, from corner markets in New York City's Chinatown to street vendors in Beijing. How do those web-like lines form on the egg, you ask? We recommend checking out Steamy Kitchen for the full technique.


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6 ways to use tea in cooking
Is it spring yet? No, but these recipes using tea will make getting through these last few days of winter a bit easier.