stuffed mushrooms stuffed mushrooms Want to liven up your meal? Stuff it! (Photo: 5 Second Studio/Shutterstock)

9 recipes for people who love stuffed stuff

Vegetables on the side? Try vegetables as a vessel for your favorite stuffable ingredients.

In these steamy, dreamy days of summer, we don't necessarily want to stuff ourselves silly with high-calorie, high-carb foods. (Well, we might want to, but ... we remember how we feel afterward.)

But what we do want are simple, crowd-pleasing, family-approved recipes that make the most out of the foods we love. What's the best way to achieve this? By taking a fresh, wholesome vegetable, hollowing it out, and stuffing it with your favorite ingredients. It's easier than you think, as we've laid out in these nine awesome recipes.

Cheese-stuffed sweet peppers

cheese-stuffed peppersIf you love jalapeno poppers, these stuffed peppers will be your new go-to appetizer. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Jalapeño poppers are deep-fried appetizer heaven. There's just one problem: they're deep fried. In Jerry James Stone's oven-roasted version, a simple cheese blend and a sprinkling of bread crumbs comprise your perfect stuffing for summery sweet peppers.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for cheese-stuffed peppers.

Lamb-stuffed eggplant

Lamb-stuffed eggplantLamb-stuffed eggplant (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

When Israeli Kitchen contributor Miriam Kresh discovered this recipe for lamb-stuffed eggplant in Yottam Ottolenghi's "Jerusalem: A Cookbook," it was exactly the meal she was looking for. It's also a commonly served dish in Israel, where Kresh lives. And it's no surprise why: "It looks delicious on the table, tastes delicious in the mouth, leaves a delicious memory," she said.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for lamb-stuffed eggplant.

Stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed mushroomsStuffed mushrooms (Photo: Krzysztof Slusarczyk/Shutterstock)

There's something about a big, plump portobello mushroom that just begs to be stuffed. It's also quite simple to put this one together, if you're pressed for time or just feeling less-than-coordinated.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for stuffed mushrooms. As a bonus, try Kresh's stuffed mushrooms with Israeli couscous and goat cheese.

Moroccan-style stuffed artichokes

stuffed artichokesStuffed artichokes are a Moroccan classic. (Photo: kuvona/Shutterstock)

There aren't too many vegetables Kresh hasn't managed to stuff with the most delicious ingredients. Artichokes are a topper on her list, both for their durability in baking and because she knows which part of the artichoke works best for stuffing (answer: the bottoms).

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for Moroccan-style stuffed artichokes.

Veggie-stuffed peppers

stuffed peppersThese stuffed peppers are low in sodium and fat. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Why do peppers make an appearance twice in this list? For the simple reason that we just couldn't leave it off. Even Stone himself calls this recipe "the stuffed pepper you've been looking for." If that doesn't entice you to make it, consider the fact that it's also packed full of veggies and low in sodium and fat. Healthy stuffed dinner is served!

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for veggie-stuffed peppers.

Cream cheese-stuffed dates

stuffed datesA drizzle of balsamic vinegar tops off these stuffed dates perfectly. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Who knew you could stuff a date? Not only is it possible, it's also beautiful, as evidenced by this wow-tastic photo. Jerry James Stone specializes in crafting desserts that are simple and not overly sweet, and this one delivers on both counts.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for cream cheese-stuffed dates.

Quinoa-stuffed butternut squash

Butternut squash stuffed with quinoa.Hollowed-out butternut squash stuffed with quinoa. (Photo: Sarsmis/Shutterstock)

So you've got a hankering for a big, hearty, satisfying meal, but you could do without the calorie blitz. Enter quinoa, which is to stuffed vegetables as Stove Top is to turkey. In this recipe, you get that comfortable feeling of having eaten well, without feeling as stuffed as the squash you've just consumed.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for quinoa-stuffed butternut squash.

Lamb-stuffed mulberry leaves

Lamb-stuffed mulberry leavesLamb-stuffed mulberry leaves (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

You might have seen stuffed grape leaves served at your local Mediterranean restaurant. They're a favorite dish on tables across Israel, but they can be a bit labor-intensive for the cook. Kresh, knowing this, decided to use fresh mulberry leaves instead, and the result was terrific.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for lamb-stuffed mulberry leaves.

Sweet and sour stuffed cabbage rolls

stuffed cabbageThis recipe will make even the most veggie-averse fall in love with cabbage. (Photo: kostrez/Shutterstock)

As the best cooks know, some recipes need no substitutions, no enhancements, no improvements. They're simply timeless. These stuffed cabbage rolls exemplify the beauty of sticking with the classics, with a flavor mixture that evokes the best of Mediterranean, North African and Eastern European cooking, all cooked together in a delicious package.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for sweet and sour stuffed cabbage rolls.


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9 recipes for people who love stuffed stuff
Vegetables on the side? Try vegetables as a vessel for your favorite stuffable ingredients with these 9 recipes from our Israeli Kitchen archive.