coconut milk recipes coconut milk recipes Coconut milk is great for cooking and baking because it heats well and doesn't curdle like dairy milk. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz, Melissa Goodman, Shutterstock)

7 recipes that assure us it’s OK to be obsessed with coconut milk

One simple ingredient = a world of possibilities.

It’s the ingredient for all seasons, used in everything from haircare to skincare to your favorite foods. It can be used as a dairy alternative or as a subtle sweetener. It’s great for cooking because it doesn’t curdle like cow’s milk. It's a perfect base for smoothies. And it’s got health benefits, containing relatively healthy fats that can help the body fight infection.

It's coconut milk, of course (in case you hadn't already solved the riddle via the headline). And it's one of our Israeli Kitchen's favorite ingredients. We've stockpiled a generous collection of recipes that use coconut milk, from curries and soups to baked goods and desserts. Here are seven tried-and-true recommendations.

Coconut chicken soup

Coconut chicken soupCoconut chicken soup (Photo: Melissa Goodman)

Coconut milk takes a starring role in this hearty, nutrient-rich soup. It's the base for the broth, topped off with tender chicken, fresh veggies and winter-warming herbs.

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Zucchini gratin

zucchini gratinThis is a fun twist on potatoes au gratin. (Photo: Elena Shashkina/Shutterstock)

Coconut milk is used to lighten up the cheese mixture in this gratin dish, perfect for chilly winter days that beckon hearty comfort foods. If a lighter dish is not your goal, however, you're free to use heavy cream instead.

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Mini chocolate eclairs

Mini chocolate eclairsThese eclairs take time to prepare and cook, but the result is well worth the effort and time. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

You know you're eating a top-notch eclair when the filling is just the right texture and consistency: smooth and custard-like without being chalky or too thick (like frosting). In this case, the key is bringing the coconut milk to a gentle boil before combining other ingredients to it. The result, after the pastry and glaze are complete, is a batch of mini-eclairs you'll want all to yourself – but please, do share.

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Thai curry meatballs

thai red curry meatballsYou can control the heat in this dish by adjusting the amount of curry paste you use. (Photo: istetiana/Shutterstock)

If you're at all familiar with Thai food, then you know how often you'll find coconut milk in Thai cuisine. So in these Thai curry meatballs, coconut milk has a rightful place – mixed with curry paste (the amount of which you can adjust according to taste and your tolerance for heat) and a few sautéed vegetables for a super-flavorful, endlessly pleasurable Asian-inspired meal.

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Spinach turnovers with leek sauce

spinach turnovers with leek sauceThese spinach turnovers are perfect right out of the oven. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Taking your favorite filling – be it veggies, meat or cheese – and wrapping it up in a flaky crust is a delightful creation that spans almost every cuisine in existence. Here, it takes a Greek/Mediterranean twist, with spinach as a filling and creamy leek sauce as an accent. And said creaminess, of course, comes from the addition of coconut milk.

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Curried carrot and tomato soup

carrot tomato soupThis soup uses carrots and tomatoes, with an Asiatic twist. (Photo: iuliia_n/Shutterstock)

This veggie-packed concoction revels in its balance of ingredients and flavors. Ginger and garlic bring a little heat to the mouth; curry adds depth to the sweetness of carrots; and coconut milk balances acidity from the tomatoes. In other words, you’ll taste layers of flavors in every spoonful.

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Lemon leek pasta

lemon leek pastaPasta dishes don't have to be heavy and fattening. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Returning for a second appearance in this list, we bring you leeks. This time, they're blended with tangy pasta and a subtle, thin coconut-milk-based sauce. In this case, you can easily reduce your dairy intake but still enjoy a bowl of creamy pasta.

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For more coconut milk recipes, check out our collection of Israeli Kitchen recipes.


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7 recipes that assure us it’s OK to be obsessed with coconut milk
Healthy, versatile coconut milk takes a starring role in these 7 delicious comfort food recipes.