Butternut squash stuffed with quinoa. Butternut squash stuffed with quinoa. Hollowed-out butternut squash stuffed with quinoa. (Photo: Sarsmis/Shutterstock)

8 reasons to fall in love with squash this fall

Those plump little veggies are rich in color, flavor and nutrition. Don't miss out on the many wonderful ways to cook with them.

What would autumn be without squash? Butternut, acorn, spaghetti, buttercup … that buttery, just-slightly-sweet flavor, so many different varieties that work in so many different recipes … and with their vibrant colors and wacky shapes, they practically scream fall.

But do you actually know how to cook with it? Our Israeli Kitchen is squash central this season, with plenty of recipes to get your squash fix started off right. Here are eight of our best, and we urge you to look closer in our recipe collection for more fall-friendly, done-in-a-flash dishes.

Curry roasted buttercup squash

Curry roasted buttercup squashSeasoned and roasted, buttercup squash is stellar on its own. (Photo: Anna Norris)

Sweet, hearty winter squashes are so versatile – they’re great in soups, hashes and especially curries. Even better, they're easy to prepare simply by roasting. In this recipe by Anna Norris, a somewhat lesser-known variety called buttercup squash – with a deep green skin that tenderizes in the oven and an earthy yellow-orange inside. Curry and a dash of brown sugar turn this winter vegetable into a sophisticated side dish.

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Cheese tortellini with butternut squash

tortellini with butternut squashButternut squash is a delicious complement to pasta. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

You've heard of pasta primavera, right? Well, let's call this the winter comfort food version of that, and butternut squash plays a starring role. And in this dish by vegetarian chef and self-professed pasta lover Jerry James Stone, you can even get away with using frozen, pre-cubed squash if you don't feel like cubing it yourself.

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Butternut squash and chickpea stew

chickpea and butternut squash stewThis vegetarian stew incorporates simple ingredients for power-packed flavor. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Here at the Israeli Kitchen, we love taking traditional dishes and giving them a vegetarian upgrade – especially when the vegetarian version turns out as hearty and filling as the meaty one. This stew is no exception, with a generous helping of equal parts chickpea and butternut squash, for a smooth, comforting taste.

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Butternut squash soup

butternut squash soupThis smooth, creamy soup effortlessly envelops the warm flavors of fall and winter. (Photo: Sarah Berkowitz)

And once again, we prove that "creamy" doesn't have to mean "dairy." The creaminess of this soup is entirely a product of using fresh, ripe squash. Here, chef Sarah Berkowitz uses a combination of butternut and acorn squash, but the lovely thing about a dish like this is that any squash will do – it all blends together quite nicely.

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Spaghetti squash with maple ginger glaze

spaghetti squashLighten up your spaghetti dinners with this veggie alternative. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

You've heard of zoodles, right? They're just zucchini worked through a mandolin slicer (or spiralizer) to form pasta-like strands. Well, there's something else that makes a great substitute for pasta – spaghetti squash. True to its name, the inside of a spaghetti squash is already reminiscent of pasta – no mandolin needed. Simply roast the squash in the oven, scoop it out and add seasonings as needed.

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Butternut squash stuffed with quinoa

Butternut squash stuffed with quinoa.Hollowed-out butternut squash stuffed with quinoa. (Photo: Sarsmis/Shutterstock)

This recipe is one of our favorites because it combines two things we love: stuffed foods and quinoa. This versatile grain is packed with protein, amino acids and minerals, and its earthy taste complements all vegetables. You can substitute it for bulgur in tabbouleh, or cook it with garlic until it's fluffy. And as a basic filling for stuffed vegetables, as in this butternut squash that's a meal in itself, it's hard to beat.

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Golden acorn squash with harvest rice blend

golden acorn squash with harvest rice blendThis squash recipe highlights the flavors, colors and ingredients of the season. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: this squash dish is almost too pretty to eat. Keyword: Almost. Because, seriously, you should eat it. These golden acorn squash are soft, sweet and succulent, with a more delicate flavor than their larger, darker counterparts. Paired with a filling combination of rice with dried fruit and nuts, this is a show-stopping, mouth-watering dish that's great for fall entertaining.

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Butternut squash fritters

Curried butternut squash frittersCurried butternut squash fritters (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

This is a great recipe to try if you're tired of potatoes as a side dish (seriously, did you forget there are other vegetables?). Like your favorite tuber, butternut squash holds together well when frying and requires little oil to achieve that golden-brown finish. Simply combine ingredients, form patties and toss 'em in the pan.

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