collage of whole30 friendly recipes from israelikitchen collage of whole30 friendly recipes from israelikitchen Whole30 has developed a cult following for its success with weight loss and overall health. (Photo: Shutterstock; Jerry James Stone)

5 protein-packed Whole30 recipes to save you from the snack attack

Thanks to our Israeli Kitchen archive, there's no shortage of recipes you can find that adhere to Whole30 and that won't leave you feeling deprived, hungry and miserable.

It's been called life-changing, liberating and eye-opening. Its followers have credited the Whole30 diet with all manner of benefits, including weight loss, better physical and mental health, anxiety reduction and even pain relief. On the surface, the widely popular diet can seem quite restrictive: no sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, baked goods or dairy for 30 straight days. And that's not the end of it; the maintenance phase of the diet brings another set of rules that, all told, some might find too daunting.

But if you truly commit yourself to this diet, you might find the program's guidelines are worth sticking to. You might also find there's no shortage of recipes you can find that adhere to Whole30 and that won't leave you feeling deprived, hungry and miserable. In fact, it might even leave you forgetting you're on a diet.

Here are our picks:

Breakfast zoodles

bowl of zucchini noodles with a fried egg and herbs Zoodles for breakfast? We're in. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

If nothing else, the literature about Whole30 makes one thing clear: It's really, really important to have breakfast every day. Of course this breakfast cannot consist of grains or dairy, but that's no sweat when there's zoodles, right?

By turning your favorite veggies (in this case) into zoodles, you're creating a pasta-like consistency that's a nod to your carb cravings, but doesn't derail your day before you've even left the house. Our breakfast zoodle recipe combines the most important meal of the day with your new favorite way to eat your veggies. Click here for the recipe.

P.S. Zoodles are a winning dish no matter the meal. Try our other zoodle recipes that are also Whole30 friendly:


Individual skillet of traditional shakshuka which has eggs, tomatoes and vegetables. Shakshouka is a traditional Mediterranean breakfast with eggs, tomatoes and vegetables. (Photo: Wiktory / Shutterstock)

It's said that shakshouka, together with falafel and shawarma, forms a trifecta of sorts of traditional Israeli fare. One thing we love about shakshouka (also sometimes spelled "shakshuka") is that it can be dressed up according to personal taste, with ingredients like tomatoes, chives, onions, mushrooms, peppers (sweet or hot, or both) and roasted eggplant. And, like zoodles above, it can be eaten any time of day. Our classic shakshouka recipe, made in a traditional cast-iron skillet, doesn't include cheese like some other versions of the dish, but it still a packs a dynamic punch of flavor that, like zoodles, can be enjoyed any time of day. Click here for the recipe.

Purple baby kale and fruit smoothie

Purple fruit and kale smoothie in a glass on a table with a straw Not a fan of kale? It disguises itself quite well in this tasty fruit smoothie. (Photo: Robcartorres / Shutterstock)

Talk about a brilliant disguise! You would never know by the looks of this smoothie that there's a full serving of kale in it. Yes, kale, that leafy green your mom, your yoga instructor and your vegan sister-in-law keep pushing you to try. As you might be finding through your Whole30 journey, it is possible to eat like an adult and enjoy it, too. Click here for the recipe,and here for even more smoothie options.

Grapefruit lettuce bowls

grapefruit salad lettuce bowls with avocado and parsley This salad is a bright, fresh break from a cold, gray winter. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Salad doesn't usually have this much character, which is why this recipe is such a must-make for your Whole30 plan. The fruit/veggie blend is perfect, and he fact that it's served in edible lettuce bowls just makes it fun to eat. Click here for the recipe, and here for more unconventional salad recipes.

Beef-stuffed eggplant

stuffed eggplant boats on a plate What a great way to stuff an eggplant. (Photo: OnlyFOOD/Shutterstock)

The intensely flavorful herbs and spices make this stuffed eggplant dish a real winner, and the protein makes it a filling meal. Use ground beef or vegetarian crumbles as filler; just make sure the crumbles don't contain nuts or beans. Click here for that recipe, and here for more stuffed recipes that could easily be customized to your Whole30.


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5 protein-packed Whole30 recipes to save you from the snack attack
These wholesome, power-packed Whole30-friendly recipes from our Israeli Kitchen archive are so yummy and filling.