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Party of 1: Our best single-serving recipes for any time of day

You're enjoying your solitude. Why not enjoy a good meal, too?

Dining alone has its upsides. For one, you can eat whatever you want!

So what'll it be? On those days when it comes down to you and the open refrigerator engaged in an epic staredown, you'll want some handy one-serving recipes in your arsenal. Luckily for you, we've got some.

Apricot creamsicle smoothie

Apricot smoothieFresh apricots, Greek yogurt and vanilla are blended into an afternoon delight. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

As smoothies-for-one, this one from our Israeli Kitchen contributor Jerry James Stone checks off all the boxes – flavors of the classic creamsicle, bursting with orange and vanilla; perfect for any time of day; and instantly refreshing. Get our recipe here.

Spinach toast with poached egg

spinach egg toastHot breakfast doesn't have to be complicated. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

One egg, one slice of bread, one handful of spinach. You don't even need two hands to make this! It's also very on-trend – stiff competition for those avocado toasts that are clogging up your Instagram feed. Get our recipe here.

Easy shakshouka

Shakshouka is a traditional Mediterranean breakfast with eggs, tomatoes and vegetables.Shakshouka is a traditional Mediterranean breakfast with eggs, tomatoes and vegetables. (Photo: Wiktory/Shutterstock)

If you're going solo, it's tough to beat a breakfast like this, for one main reason: you can eat it straight from the pan. No sharing, no serving, no dividing. All yours. Get our recipe here.

Chocolate-banana grahams

chocolate banana graham It's like s'mores, only healthier and doesn't require heat. (Photo: Eating Well)

Banana, Nutella, graham crackers. Bet you didn't buy those three things intending to eat them together, did ya? Trust us, this is the s'mores-like snack you'll fall in love with. Get it here, from the Eating Well blog.

Egg and salmon breakfast sandwich

egg salmon breakfast sandwichYes, filling breakfasts that are also healthy and meat-free do exist. (Photo: Eating Well)

We love a good smoked salmon recipe, but not much else can compare to a morning capped off with smoked salmon in a sandwich. This one, as a bonus, is super-healthy, for the power breakfast you deserve. Get it here, also from Eating Well.


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