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5 protein-packed Whole30 recipes to save you from the snack attack

Thanks to our Israeli Kitchen archive, there's no shortage of recipes you can find that adhere to Whole30 and that won't leave you feeling deprived, hungry and miserable.

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Jack's Wife Freda green shakshouka

A Mediterranean party that feels like home

Food and drink are served with a smile at Manhattan's Jack's Wife Freda.

Strawberries and cream

How to make strawberries and cream

Springtime's luscious strawberries, smothered in whipped cream and kirsch.

Hot mug of sachlav with spice

Warming winter drinks around the world

Spice it up with this variety of delicious hot beverages, whether you're looking for a boost of energy, a warming cocktail or a relaxing nighttime sip.

Smoked mackerel tails

Smoky mackerel!

Hanging out with Tel Aviv's expert fish smokers.

The Solskin kitchenware set

A fruity twist on kitchenware

You can drink it, eat it ... and eat from it?

Poached eggs

Poached eggs for breakfast

A quick and easy gourmet breakfast inspired by Julia Child.

Pickled olives

How to pickle olives at home

Our chef explains how a rock – and a lot of patience – leads to some delectable pickled olives.


What is bruschetta?

Make a snack or a whole meal from toasted bread slices topped with deliciousness.

Wings Tel Aviv

The buffalo wing goes global

The American bar staple is finding an audience abroad.

Fresh vegetables and olive oil

How a Mediterranean diet can help you keep your New Year's resolutions

Looking for healthy recipes? We've got you covered.

black radish

What is a black radish? A primer on how to eat this tasty root vegetable

Beneath its tough exterior, the black radish reveals a world of flavors. Here are 3 ways to enjoy one.

Goulash beef stew

6 soups and stews from Israel to warm you this winter

These hearty dishes will make you forget about the cold weather.

Falafel sandwitch from Taïm

The falafel that's taken New York by storm

Why is the gluten-free falafel at Taïm so good? Even chef Einat Admony doesn't know.

Panso Burekas donuts

A market that has the best of the Mediterranean

Levinsky Market in Tel Aviv is the place to go to find the freshest and tastiest Mediterranean foods.

Fruit beer

Fruit beers aren't just made in Belgium anymore

International brewers are crafting fruit styles to produce a new crop of fruit beers.