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10 easy recipes you can make while working from home

Working remotely has its perks, and cooking is chief among them. Make the best of your isolation with these 10 recipes.

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Odeya Rush has appeared in such hit movies as 'Lady Bird' and 'Dumplin.'

Actress Odeya Rush reveals her favorite Israeli foods

As her new movie, 'Let it Snow,' hits Netflix, Rush admits to some guilty pleasures: 'Cheese,' she said. 'I love cheese.'

Shrimp and Calamari at Uri Buri

Israeli seafood restaurant listed among world's best

Fresh fish and exquisite tasting menus draw hungry travelers to the renowned Uri Buri restaurant.

After visiting Israel many times since childhood, Adeena Sussman finally became a citizen in early 2019. She released her first solo cookbook, 'Sababa,' on Sept. 3.

The secret to the best Israeli food? It's all 'Sababa'

After co-writing 'Cravings' and 'Cravings: Hungry for More' with Chrissy Teigen, Adeena Sussman's first solo cookbook is a love letter to her home country.

SpareEat offers a selection of food boxes from participating restaurants.

A new app lets you buy unsold food from restaurants

SpareEat is a win-win for customers and businesses, co-founder Elie Fischer says.

Michal Klimberg (left) and Shir Halpern are launching Make Eat, a shared cooking space for small-scale chefs, in an old candy factory in Israel.

Move over, WeWork: Co-cooking spaces are having a moment

Two food entrepeneurs in Israel are turning an old candy factory into a huge workspace to help other fledgling food manufacturers grow their businesses. And they're not alone.

Mochikvah, a home-based mochi business in Tel Aviv, sells vegan and gluten-free mochi.

Meet mochi, the snackable ice cream treat of your dreams

It's a Japanese dessert that's taken the world by storm: Bite-sized ice cream wrapped in a sweet, doughy exterior.

lighthouse restaurant

Lighthouse restaurant: a beacon for the zero-waste movement

Owners of the Brooklyn eatery have mastered sustainability and are urging others to follow suit.

A box is delivered to your doorstep once a month.

6 best monthly subscription boxes for college students

Care packages for your favorite college student just got a ton easier with monthly subscription boxes. Here are our favorites.

The Impossible Whopper trial at select Burger King stores was so successful, the chain is expanding the offering to more than 7,000 locations.

After success of the Impossible Burger, is the Impossible Salmon next?

Impossible Foods co-founder Tal Ronnen sees the company expanding to fish and dairy products as well.

Hong kong waffles

The bubble waffle: Looks like bubble wrap, tastes like a dream

Is it breakfast? Is it dessert? Is it a snack? No one knows, but everyone's eating it.

It's almost impossible to have a bad meal in Paris. But it is very possible to find the best cauliflower you'll ever eat.

When honeymooning in Paris, don't forget to order the cauliflower

We made quite a few rookie mistakes as first-time Paris visitors. But one thing we didn't flake on? Having a meal at Miznon.

Michael Solomonov has won six James Beard Awards, mostly related to his five-star Philadelphia restaurant, Zahav.

All the times Michael Solomonov proved he's America's top chef

The Israeli-born chef just won his sixth James Beard award, this time for Outstanding Restaurant.

wild ramps

What are ramps and how do I cook with them?

This trendy, super-flavorful vegetable is in short supply, but that doesn't stop foodies and restaurateurs from clamoring for them.

Trader Joe's Bamba snacks.

The most Googled Trader Joe's foods in every state

You'll be surprised which snacks people in our nation's capital are searching for.

fancy food garnishes

7 gorgeous garnishes you can make at home

Don't just leave fancy garnishes to the experts. Learn to make them at home, with these tips.