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healthy saladIsraeli KitchenPhoto: Ksenija Toyechkina / Shutterstock

Spring salads that make eating your leafy greens fun

Turn salad into the best meal of your day, with these tasty and colorful ideas.

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Falafel sandwitch from Taïm

We know what the USA's newest fast-casual food craze will be

A master of Israeli cuisine is expanding her falafel franchise, and she has some big-name backers behind her.

sesame cookies in a bowl

Put halvah in everything! Classic recipes, enhanced with halvah

The sesame-based treat, often eaten on its own, is about to be the new ingredient in your favorite foods.

leafy green vegetables

7 ways to eat more leafy greens

It's a new year. Is it also time for a new diet? Here's how to get green with your food, and still enjoy it.

sesame seeds in white and black

Oh, the things you can make with a sesame seed

It's the seed that's got everyone talking, and eating.

A collage of the most popular recipes of 2017

We loved these Israeli Kitchen recipes in 2017 – and you did, too

A look back at our most clever, creative and crowd-pleasing recipes you kept coming back to this year.

Trader Joe's Bamba snacks.

Israel's favorite peanut snack has arrived at Trader Joe's

The food market is now offering its own version of the popular puffs.

Craft a delicious Mediterranean meal with our collection of recipes.

Make a 5-course Mediterranean holiday dinner

Options are all over the map for a fully stacked holiday table. Here's how to add some Mediterranean flair to it.

Jackie Zitelman Horvitz, Amy Zitelman and Shelby Zitelman are co-founders of Soom Foods, a Philadelphia-based tahini company.

Soom, makers of wildly popular tahini, graces Forbes' 30 Under 30 list

3 Philly sisters turned a popular Israeli spread into a career. And it's paying off in spades.

Krembo on a tray

Marshmallow treat shortage has country on edge

With Krembo season in full swing, Israel is producing the candy as fast as it can. But is it fast enough?

An ancient Georgian wine jug.

Newly discovered 8,000-year-old wine breaks archaeological record

The oldest wine ever found was buried in a Neolithic village in Georgia.

various muffins

10 make-ahead muffins for those lazy holiday mornings

You've spent so much time preparing that big holiday meal, you deserve a good, long snooze. Start your muffin prep and let your guests partake.

Halvah is a popular dessert in the Mediterranean.

Where I tasted the best halvah this side of the Mediterranean

I filmed a Facebook live video on my visit to Seed + Mill, a new halvah and tahini shop in New York's Chelsea Market.

A collage of sexy chefs from around the world.

7 sexy chefs from around the globe

These gourmet cooks know how to turn up the heat on more than your tastebuds.

Rhett (left) and Link (right) launched their show in 2012 and it now has billions of views.

Israeli chocolate makes sweet appearance on 'Good Mythical Morning'

Rhett and Link join Jimmy Fallon in their newfound love of pop rock candy from the Mediterranean country.

pumpkin collage

For the love of gourd: Our favorite easy pumpkin recipes

You've only got one day to prepare for National Pumpkin Day. What should you make? Here are 9 of our best ideas that won't keep you slaving away in the kitchen for hours.