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8 brilliant mushroom recipes to cap off your side dish menu

Everyone's favorite fungus can also be your favorite side dish.

Whoever thought a common fungus could be one of our favorite foods? What's more, whoever said fungus could be so versatile, used in so many recipes and such a perfect addition to your holiday menu?

After an informal analysis (Google is great for those), we concluded that 25 recipes in our Israeli Kitchen collection use mushrooms as a key ingredient. To ease your search, we've hunted down our eight favorites, for an Israeli Kitchen list of mushroom-tastic proportions.

White asparagus and porcini mushroom tart

porcini mushroom asparagus tartThis tart is a great way to use fresh fall vegetables. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

You might consider asparagus and mushrooms the peas and carrots of the gourmet set. Here, recipe author Sarah Berkowitz uses a less-popular-but-far-underrated white asparagus variety to achieve a level of flavor and decadence that's only found in a select few special dishes.

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Breaded portobello mushroom sliders

Portobello mushrooms make a delicious slider with a light, tender crunch.Portobello mushrooms make a delicious slider with a light, tender crunch. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Vegetarian party planners, listen up! Portobello mushrooms are like a veg slider staple, and you'd earn major plant points if you served them. You could even go full fungus and top the sliders with a few small ones (like this easy topper from Jerry James Stone).

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Stuffed mushrooms with Israeli couscous and goat cheese

Mushrooms stuffed with Israeli couscous and goat’s cheeseMushrooms stuffed with Israeli couscous and goat’s cheese (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

If you've been following us at all, you know we at the Israeli Kitchen are big fans of everything stuffed. Stuffed cabbage rolls (another great holiday dish, we might add), stuffed peppers, stuffed eggplant ... it's a great way to liven up any meal. And with these stuffed mushrooms, it's a great way to insert a little Mediterranean flair into your spread, courtesy of those little pearly gems known as Israeli couscous.

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Artichoke and mushroom soup

Artichoke and mushroom soupArtichoke and mushroom soup (Photo: Stevemart/Shutterstock)

There's an interesting phenomenon at work here. People who swear they don't like mushrooms – like, really detest these things – still love mushroom soup. What is it about turning mushrooms into soup that suddenly makes them tolerable? We don't know. But we know that this soup does the job perfectly.

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Warm arugula and mushroom salad

arugula mushroom saladThis is a delicious, healthy winter salad that's easy to make. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Are you the type who eats lots of salads during warmer months, but when days turn chilly, the salad switch turns off, and out comes the creamy, cheesy comfort cooking? Let this be a happy medium: a warm winter salad by vegetarian cookery extraordinaire Jerry James Stone with a hearty blend of leafy greens and mushrooms (variety is up to you) and a sprinkling of parmesan and pine nuts.

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Portobello mushroom 'steaks' with mashed cauliflower

portobello mushroom steaks with mashed cauliflowerPrepare a steak dinner, vegetarian style. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Hey, veggos! While we still have your attention, how about a steak dinner for a change? No, we're not trying to undermine your lifestyle (the shame!), but we are trying to help you introduce something wonderful to your table – a portobello mushroom meal that's actually juicy and tender.

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Zucchini and mushroom quiche

garden vegetable quiche.This quiche does an excellent job merging carbs with vegetables. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

We agree with Berkowitz, who authored this recipe: Quiches don't get nearly the attention they deserve. But they do such a nice job of merging carbs and vegetables into one very satisfying and tasty dish, and give home cooks the opportunity to really have fun with substitutions and additions to the recipe. This mushroom and zucchini (another genius combination) quiche fits the bill.

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Wild rice pilaf with mushrooms

rice pilafThis hearty, flavorful pilaf perfectly complements almost any meal. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

What do you do when you're in the mood for carbs, but not the calories that come with them? You go wild! This pilaf dish, another vegetarian favorite of Stone's, gets a nutritional boost with wild rice and sliced mushrooms for a colorful, hearty meal or side.

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8 brilliant mushroom recipes to cap off your side dish menu
With Israeli Kitchen's mushroom recipes, everyone's favorite fungus can also be your favorite side dish.