Look & Cook app images Look & Cook app images Look & Cook's iPad app shows step-by-step photos and instructions of how to create a meal. (All photos: Look & Cook)

Look & Cook recipe app will turn you into a culinary pro

It's the next best thing to having your own private chef.

While your grandmother's dusty, discolored recipe cards from decades ago may have a special place in your heart, there's no denying that recipe apps have opened a new world of convenience and connectedness for modern cooks. With just your tablet or smartphone, you can not only access recipes from celebrity chefs, but even order ingredients at the touch of a button.

Look & Cook, an app that has been downloaded by 2 million people around the world, features recipes by culinary superstars like James Beard (known as the "dean of American cookery"), Mario Batali, Thomas Keller and Israeli chef Meir Adoni.

The app, which includes mouth-watering images of chef's dishes and allows users to "cook, eat, shop," has been praised for its simplicity, beauty and ease.

Look & Cook title page Look & Cook's title page on the iPad.

Created in Israel, the app allows users to choose recipes for different occasions, like "romantic," "picnic," "breakfast," "barbecue," "everyday," "with the guys" or "dinner party." Its interactive recipes include step-by-step tutorials, videos and integrated timers.

Founder and co-CEO Oran Huberman said of the app: "When you're watching Martha Stewart cooking on TV, you don't actually see much. You as a viewer can't know what kind of mixer she used, you don't see the list of ingredients, nor can you purchase the ingredients by clicking on a button. Our platform enables all of that."

Look & Cook app Smoked eggplant with onion petals stuffed with freekeh.

Look & Cook allows users to purchase groceries through AmazonFresh, the home grocery delivery platform owned by Amazon. "Users just need to press 'buy all' and Amazon sends all the ingredients for the recipe by the next morning,” Huberman told From the Grapevine.

Huberman and partner Dudu Nimran founded Look & Cook's publisher, Kinetic Art, in 2010. The app is available for free through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon's internet-to-TV streaming device, Amazon Fire TV.


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Look & Cook recipe app will turn you into a culinary pro
Look & Cook, an interactive recipe app, features mouth-watering recipes by world-famous chefs, and also lets you order ingredients through the app.