5 recipes cooked in an Instant Pot. 5 recipes cooked in an Instant Pot. Instant Pot cooking is all the rage. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz, Shutterstock, foodiecrush)

5 quick and delicious recipes for your Instant Pot

Cooking would be so much better if not for all the waiting, right? Let the Instant Pot speed things up – and make fabulous meals.

We humans love a quick fix. It's only natural to want to save time on everyday tasks that can become tedious – cooking, cleaning, running errands – while still producing quality results. Perhaps that's why so many people are falling in love with the Instant Pot, a countertop appliance that's like a pressure cooker deluxe; not only is it super convenient and easy to use, it also speeds up cooking time while using significantly less energy. It's amassed quite a following among home cooks; the Instant Pot Facebook community has almost half a million members, for starters.

And here at the Israeli Kitchen, we've heeded the call, and let's just say we totally get what all the fuss is about. Our fearless contributor, Sarah Berkowitz, went on a sort of Instant Pot bonanza last week, taking tried-and-true recipes and converting them for use in her new nifty appliance. So today, we're sharing them with you, along with a couple more we just know you'll be eager to try.

Instant Pot matbucha

matbucha, a Moroccan spicy salad, served in a bowl made in an Instant PotThe Instant Pot allows for more efficient, less messy cooking, which yields great results with this spicy Moroccan matbucha salad. (Photo: elenamych/Shutterstock)

When the Instant Pot goes Mediterranean, the results are out of this world. For this Moroccan dish, known as a "hot salad" in Israeli circles, prep usually involves standing over a frying pan for close to an hour. But here comes the Instant Pot to save the day. Now, the ingredients and the strong frying smell are contained, cooking time is cut down significantly, and the kitchen doesn’t reach desert temperatures. And that’s what’s so nice about the Instant Pot – it’s a neat little cooking package that keeps the rest of your kitchen clean and clear while it works its magic.

Get our recipe here.

Instant Pot sweet and spicy meatballs

Instant Pot sweet and spicy meatballs in a bowl served over rice.Both the rice and the meatballs can be made in an Instant Pot. (Photo: Russy Tendler)

For these succulent meatballs, Berkowitz went straight to the top: the winning recipe in a national cooking competition. She adapted Fraidy Jakobovitz's meatball recipe in Family Table Magazine – first in the oven, and then in the Instant Pot. The results were about the same – spicy, saucy, full of yum. The only difference? The IP cut cooking time by about half.

Get our recipe here.

Instant Pot Mediterranean chicken

mediterranean chicken with Israeli couscousYour chicken dinner will come out fabulous in an Instant Pot. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

By this point in Berkowitz's Instant Pot experimentation, she's officially hooked. The ability to throw chicken and vegetables into a pot and have dinner ready to go 10-20 minutes later is just short of miraculous. What else can she throw in there? A whole chicken? Meatloaf? The kids' math homework?

With this Mediterranean-spiced meal, you can make enough to last for the next few days, with some left over for packed lunches.

Get our recipe here.

Instant Pot steel-cut oatmeal

bowl of steel-cut oats with blueberries on top made in an Instant Pot are super fastSteel-cut oats in an Instant Pot makes hot breakfast fast and easy. (Photo: rpavich/Flickr)

If you're like many on-the-go adults in the morning, you require a fast, no-fuss breakfast to get you out the door. So naturally, waiting up to a half hour for a bowl of steel-cut oats just doesn't jibe. Behold the pot and its breakfast prowess! The Veggie Queen, a popular blogger who focuses on plant-based pressure-cooked meals, makes her steel-cut oats in under 8 minutes, not including the time it takes for the cooker to heat up.

Here's her recipe.

Instant Pot tortellini soup

Tortellini soup with sausage and kale Tortellini soup with sausage and kale is the perfect soup because it's also a full meal. (Photo: Foodie Crush)

So you want a good, hot, flavorful soup, you say? But it's 5:30 on a weekday and you forgot to prep the slow cooker this morning? Yet another quandary solved with the Instant Pot.

Heidi of food blog Foodie Crush used to make this soup in her regular slow cooker before, but she switched to the IP for the ease and versatility. Now, when she makes this tortellini soup, she's lucky if she can sit down for a bite before her husband gobbles up the broth.

Get her recipe.


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5 quick and delicious recipes for your Instant Pot
These easy Instant Pot recipes will speed things up in the kitchen – and make fabulous meals.