Spring provides an opportune time to enjoy both the outdoors and your favorite glass of wine. Spring provides an opportune time to enjoy both the outdoors and your favorite glass of wine. Spring provides an opportune time to enjoy both the outdoors and your favorite glass of wine. (Photo: FikMik / Shutterstock)

5 affordable wines to enjoy this spring

With the warmer weather comes new options for wine choices.

We rounded up our favorite winter wines, but now it’s time to start having a spring fling with your palate. Here are five amazing wines under $20 to enjoy outdoors, with your friends, or just simply on your own, contemplating how nice it is to feel the sunshine on your shoulders.

Galetto Sparkling Rosé, Colli della Murgia

Galetto Sparkling Rosé bottle

Rosés have never been more popular or had such a vast amount of representation on the market. So, stop fighting the urge to drink pink and start indulging in some rosy bubbly. Delicate on the nose, with this Italian sparkler you’ll still pick up hints of ripe cherries and spring blossoms. It is lively on the palate, slightly sweet but also well balanced with bready and floral attributes. Grab this bottle as an aperitif to start your evening off right, or have it alongside a plate of herby cured meats like prosciutto or bresaola.

Vinho Verde, Broadbent

Vinho Verde, Broadbent bottle

Like the vibrant leaves popping out on treetops, a Vinho Verde is a refreshing and uplifting companion to springtime. This selection comes from a well-established producer that has worked hard not only to capture the true goodness of Vino Verde, but also to display the terroir of Portugal. What you end up with is a slightly spritzy wine with a nice hint of acidity and a full force of freshness. No wine key? No problem. This guy has a screw top so it’s perfect for your impromptu gatherings. It pairs well with a picnic blanket and your best friend.

Dalton Fumé Blanc 2013

Dalton Fumé Blanc 2013 bottle

If you think that chardonnay is the only white wine that gets aged in a barrel, then it's time you got to know Fumé Blanc. The name is just a fancy way of saying Sauvignon Blanc, but it also typically means that the wine has spent some time in wood. This selection from the Dalton Estate in Israel had about four months of barrel aging after being naturally fermented. “The wine is light with soft acidity combining the fruity aromas of citrus with a subtle toasty oak character,” says the head winemaker, Naama Sorkin. These characteristics make it a perfect companion to your roasted spring chicken or just a simple snack of goat cheese spread on lightly charred bread.

Gruner Veltliner, Lamoreaux Landing 2013

Gruner Veltliner, Lamoreaux Landing 2013 bottle

Gruner Veltiner, the darling grape of Austria, has found its way to stateside wineries. This selection hails from the Finger Lakes region of New York. It is light, crisp, but also nicely laced with fruit accents. Mark Wagner, the head winemaker at Lamoreaux Landing, tells us that with this grape, “the wine fruit characteristics are delicate, and the wine enhances food pairings without overpowering them.” Bring this bottle to your next outdoor dinner party. Whether serving chicken, fish or a host of spring veggies, a glass of this at the table will enhance every bite.

Moscato d'Asti, Rizzi 2011

Moscato d'Asti, Rizzi 2011 bottle

Moscato is a perfect way to end a meal. This Italian selection has an aroma that is full of fresh berries and honey. Likewise, it is sweet on the tongue, with just enough effervescence and subtle dryness to keep you going back sip after sip. It’s also low in alcohol so you can split the bottle and still keep up with conversation. If you still aren't sold on dessert wines, do yourself a favor and drink this one with your favorite salty nuts, like marcona almonds. The pairing is a home run, and you might even find yourself craving it year round.


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