This pomegranate-date drink looks delicious. This pomegranate-date drink looks delicious. This pomegranate-date drink looks delicious. (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

How to make a tart and sweet pomegranate-date drink

According to new research, this simple-to-make concoction is heart-healthy.

I’ve always enjoyed drinking pomegranate juice, and now I have a reason to like it even more. According to recent research from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, the juice in the fruit’s jewel-like red seeds, blended with sweet, fleshy dates, is powerful enough to significantly reduce cholesterol buildup in your arteries and keep you heart-healthy.

Apparently the especially high quantity of antioxidants in pomegranates and dates scours the arteries and keeps blood moving freely through the heart. The research, led by Professor Michael Aviram, indicates that blending the two fruits creates a powerful anti-oxidative synergy, better than consuming each fruit separately. In lab trials, this synergy reduced damage inside arteries by 33%. And more – the pomegranate/date combination reduced arterial cholesterol by 28%. The study was published in the March 2015 edition of Food & Function, a British journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry that focuses on how food relates to health.

But while the study generated a spate of newspaper articles, not that many people had a recipe for this drink that loves your heart.

Until today. I made some this afternoon, and it tastes great. Professor Aviram suggests eating the date pits as well; crushing them into a paste maybe. That’s beyond my powers, but making the drink itself took about a minute.

When pomegranates are in season, you can buy it freshly squeezed at the closest fruit juice stand. And since fresh, moist dates come into season at the same time, you could ask the vendor to drop a handful of dates into his blender, with the juice. Fresh is always best, but you can always fall back on bottled juice and dried dates. I used a brand of chilled juice that is freshly squeezed (not from concentrate), and added three dried dates. The taste was delightfully tart/sweet and refreshing. I could get used to drinking a half-cup of this concoction every morning.

And it’s ridiculously simple to make. Just blend 1/2 cup of pomegranate juice with three pitted, chopped dates. It will be foamy. Pour into a tumbler, and drink.

I did it with my stick blender, wearing a large apron to protect my clothes from any stray red splashes. Three dates made it sweet enough for me. You can always add another, but if you’re watching your sugar intake, be aware that dates taste like candy because they’re rich in natural sugar. If you own a machine powerful enough to grind up the pits, please try it and let us know how they taste.


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