Falafel variations collage Falafel variations collage Nowadays, there's nary a meal into which falafel can't be incorporated. (Photo: Jerry James Stone/Ilana Strauss/Sarah Berkowitz)

How to incorporate falafel into every meal

If you're not satisfied with the simple street food version, check out these super-creative variations of falafel from our resident chefs.

It may be the next great thing in fast-casual cuisine, but this chickpea-based street food is not content to stay tucked away in busy corner cafes. Here at the Israeli Kitchen, our home chefs really dig all the fun, unique twists on falafel that yield so many wonderful recipes. In fact, it seems that nowadays, there's nary a meal into which falafel can't be incorporated. Breakfast? Check. Tasty appetizers? Check. Kid-friendly lunches? Check.

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Breakfast on the go: Falafel-baked egg cups

We like to call this one ... Egg McMediterranean! Courtesy of vegetarian chef and Israeli Kitchen contributor Jerry James Stone, falafel crust is molded into muffin tins, with a fresh-cracked egg inside, and baked in the oven. It's a great brunch idea or for breakfast on the go, and it's all topped off with a Sriracha sour cream sauce. The spice is ... nice.

Click here for our recipe.

Kid-friendly dinner: Falafel-crusted chicken tenders

falafel crusted chicken tenders Your chicken tenders are crying out for a falafel crust. (Photo: Stepanek Photography / Shutterstock)

Israeli food expert and home chef Sarah Berkowitz has taken your favorite Mediterranean food and used it to coat tender chicken cutlets for a winning combination. And if you’ve got vegans coming for dinner, you can prepare extra falafel mix and fry up some falafel balls sans chicken as a first batch. One recipe to please them all!

Click here for our recipe.

Lunch: Falafel burger

With July being National Grilling Month, people around the country start digging their grills out from the garage and trying to remember how to make hamburgers. But if you want to be extra creative this year, you can make a different kind of burger, one inspired by traditional Israeli cuisine: falafel burgers. They're delicious, nutritious and vegan – a pretty great combo for a wide variety of company.

Click here for staff writer Ilana Strauss's recipe.

Brunch: Falafel waffle

Falafel waffles with sauce, tomato, cucumber and fresh herbs Falafel waffles served with sauce. (Photo: Don't Lose Your Lunch / Flickr)

Just how do you waffle a falafel? Take a recipe like our easy Israeli Kitchen version, let the batter set for a few minutes to absorb the water, grease your waffle iron and fill most of it up – leave about 1/4 of the waffle iron still showing, or else it will make a big mess. Food Network recommends cooking for 6 to 10 minutes. Top with hummus, tzatziki, Israeli salad, or grab it Eggo style and eat your falafel on the go.

Read more about the famous falafel waffle.

Appetizer: Falafel lettuce cups

Asian lettuce wraps Lettuce wraps offer a lower-carb solution to appetizers. (Photo: Joshua Resnick / Shutterstock)

Not only is this Asian-inspired appetizer just-so-cute, it's also crunchy in all the right places, and the prep for this dish is surprisingly easy and quick. Asian lettuce wraps are terrific, but with a Mediterranean spin (cue the zesty garlic-tahini sauce for dipping!), you've given P.F. Chang a run for their money.

Click here for the Food Network recipe.

Last-minute dinner: Microwave falafel

microwaved falafel balls This falafel "hack" is great for people who are trying to avoid fried foods. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Delicious, protein-rich Mediterranean falafel balls, made in under two minutes in your microwave! If you're not a fan of fried food, you might find this "hack" to be the best way to make falafel, hands down. Chef Berkowitz thrilled to be able to share it with anyone who wants to avoid fried foods or is pressed for time.

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