grilled fruit skewers grilled fruit skewers Grilling fruit can really open your mealtime horizons. (Photo: avs / Shutterstock)

How grilling fruit can light up your barbecue and your life

Sweeten the BBQ deal with some brilliant recipes that put fruit front and center.

As a society, we’ve got grilling meat and veggies down to a science. But grilling fruit? That takes a little getting used to. Luckily, there are plenty of fruits that hold up well when cooked this way, along with some lovely recipes from our Israeli Kitchen that showcase grilled fruit in all the right ways. So what are you waiting for? Time to put something a little sweeter on the barbie.

For our fruit-grilling primer, we offer you three options: sundae, skewers and salad. Check out our tips below and use them liberally, but be flexible, for grilling's sake! Mix, match, experiment, use what's on hand and have fun!

Grilled plum sundae

grilled plum sundaeGrilled fruit and ice cream? Yes please. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Grilling tip: Ideal fruits for grilling are barely ripe yet firm, so be sure to test out plums for firmness before grilling. If they're too ripe, they'll fall apart on the grill.

Recipe: This particular combo is one you are sure to love and really puts a twist on traditional sundaes. It's also as easy to make one as it is to make 10. And for anyone who immediately eschews dessert recipes because they're watching their diet, remember: better a plum than a cookie. Get our recipe here.

Grilled pineapple and sausage kebabs

grilled pineapple and sausage kebabsSummer grilling with a tropical theme. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Grilling tip: Pineapples are among the easier fruits to grill, but their tanginess can overtake certain dishes. If they're not as sweet as you'd like, you can still use them, but you might want to drizzle them in honey or soak them in your favorite liquor before grilling.

Recipe: There's something so perfect about pairing pineapple with meat. It works on pizza, too, if you're into that sort of thing. Get our recipe here.

Grilled apricot salad

grilled apricot saladArugula, feta and pumpkin seeds round out the flavors of grilled apricots in this salad. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Grilling tip: Apricots are light and delicate, yet hearty enough to withstand the heat. Just keep heating time short; 2 minutes per slice should do it. Bonus tip: If you have leftover apricots, use them for dessert, paired with brie and sprinkled with slivered almonds.

Recipe: Arugula wilts easily, so be sure to place the grilled apricot slices around the perimeter of the salad rather than mixing them in. Get our recipe here.

If you're still not sold on the whole grilled-fruit phenomenon, you can always lean on an old standby: grilled veggies. Here are our best picks for doing just that:


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How grilling fruit can light up your barbecue and your life
Sweeten the BBQ deal with some brilliant recipes that put fruit front and center.