instagram food photos instagram food photos Love cooking, but can't make a career of it? Do what thousands of home cooks do – Instagram it. (Photo: Mandy Lee)

6 home chefs you’ll want to follow on Instagram

They may be amateurs, but these foodies could write the book on making you hungry.

Cooking isn’t their job, but it is their passion. These home chefs pride themselves in making meals that are different, delicious and beautifully presented. These are folks just like you and me, who aren’t five-star restaurateurs or James Beard award-winning chefs, but they hone their craft as if they were. And for their efforts, they’re being handsomely rewarded – through the glowing praise and lots of admirers on social media. We all wish we could eat one of these amazing dishes at a restaurant – but to these six highly gifted kitchen commandos, it’s just dinner at home.


Can you feel the heat from where you are? We can. This great plate of fire comes to us from Mandy Lee, a Taiwan-born, Vancouver-raised blogger who recently moved from New York City to Beijing to sharpen her anger-tinged cooking and unsolicited opinions in China's food scene. The result? Some of the most clever, creative dishes you'll ever find on the interwebs.


Alon cooks, Tal snaps photos. And that's been a winning formula for this foodie couple, who eat their way through Israel and seem to enjoy every minute (and bite) of it. Following their Instagram almost feels like you're literally following them (in a friendly way) as they travel the country in search of the best meals of their lives.


If it's true what they say about identical twins – that they can finish each other's sentences (and sandwiches!) and feel each other's pain – then it naturally follows that they get hungry at the same time, right? Right! And that was apparently the recipe for their dynamite Instagram page – a pair of twins who are hungry all the time and seem to find the most mouth-watering, appetizing food to make us all hungry, too.


Chitra Agrawal started out as a humble home chef touting her devotion to Indian cuisine, and through the viral magic of social media, she was able to turn her hobby into a career. She now has a cookbook, "Bangalore," and sells a line of homemade Indian condiments.


Dan Ramos has managed to combine two seemingly disparate passions into one: exercising regularly and eating lots and lots of food. How does he do it? By cooking meals packed with fresh, wholesome, clean ingredients and staying away from packaged foods. Pancakes and sausage for breakfast? Sure, but remember to top it with fresh fruit!


She's a wife, a mom of two, living in Dallas and apparently a little homesick for her native Cambodia – or at least for the food. This gal is proof that you don't need a five-star culinary education or a trove of James Beard Awards to be successful in the kitchen – you just have to love food, and take lots of pictures of it!


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6 home chefs you’ll want to follow on Instagram
They may be amateurs, but these chefs are must-follows on Instagram.