grapefruit cocktails grapefruit cocktails It's time to kick back and chill out with one of these eight spring-savvy cocktails. (Photo: 5PH / Shutterstock)

8 fruity cocktails that are like sipping sunshine

As warm weather beckons, cozy up to these refreshing sweet spirits.

Ah, April. How wonderful to run into you again. You have pushed out the doldrums and ushered in the smiles. You bring warmer weather, more time outside and the comfort of knowing that we’re just a few weeks away from summer.

Let’s drink to that! Here are eight of the Israeli Kitchen's most spring-worthy cocktails to usher in the season in style.

Apricot and honey cocktail

apricot and honey cocktailThis recipe takes lush apricots and poaches them in honey. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

This recipe by our vegetarian chef and blogger Jerry James Stone takes lush apricots and poaches them in honey, which pairs perfectly with the toasted oak and vanilla found in rye whiskey. And here's a tip for pairing those leftover poached apricots: oatmeal topper, or a fruity ice cream dish.

Here's our recipe.

Dragon fruit margarita smoothie

dragon fruit smoothieDragon fruit is a great smoothie ingredient. (Photo: Parinya Suwannagood/Shutterstock)

Dragon fruit is definitely one of those fruits that stops you in your tracks. When you’re finished marveling at its fiery pink and bright green colors, you slice it open to find a black and white speckled flesh with a delicate, slightly milky taste.

In this recipe, Israeli Kitchen contributor Sarah Berkowitz added a few easy ingredients to turn this fruit into a distinctive party drink.

Here's our recipe.


LimoncelloLimoncello is an Italian cocktail classic. (Photo: Librakv/Shutterstock)

Originally from the south of Italy, limoncello is better known in the world as a digestif and something with which to toast. The lemon-based drink is also very good in cooking or baking when you want to add intense lemon flavor without the bitterness of fresh lemons. But there's nothing like a refreshing limoncello when warm weather beckons.

Here's our recipe.

Raspberry ginger smash

raspberry ginger cocktailThis refreshing cocktail incorporates the best of two seasons. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

This raspberry ginger smash cocktail is perfect for that transition between seasons. A little spicy and comfy for warmth, a little sweet and tart for spring.

Here's our recipe.

Citrus punch

citrus fruit punchThis drink packs a punch of Vitamin C, flavor and holiday spirit. (Photo: vsl/Shutterstock)

This punch was originally billed as a New Year's libation, but it goes way beyond drinking the typical holiday Kool Aid. Sarah Berkowitz's citrus fruit punch, on the other hand, is full of great nutrition, great taste, and just the right amount of springtime refreshment.

Here's our recipe.


GuarapoGuarapo is a cocktail originally from Colombia. (Photo: Jelly/Shutterstock)

Guarapo de Piña is a fizzy drink made from pineapple rinds and just a little bit of the alcohol of your choice (optional, of course). Its origins are in Colombian cuisine, but our recipe contributor Miriam Kresh learned to make it when she lived in Venezuela.

Here's our recipe.

Basil grapefruit mojito

basil grapefruit cocktailThe colors of spring, in your new favorite cocktail. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Mojitos are known for being pretty high on the cocktail appearance spectrum. This one, though, propels the mojito to A- list status. But don't let the aesthetics distract you; this one's as delicious as it is pretty.

Here's our recipe.

Strawberry liqueur

Homemade strawberry liqueurHomemade strawberry liqueur (Photo: Shaiith/Shutterstock)

This is one of our favorite uses for preserved fruit, but be warned: this one takes time. Lots of it. But once you've got that down, all you need is sugar, vodka and a little citrus for a delightful strawberry cocktail.

Here's our recipe.


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8 fruity cocktails that are like sipping sunshine
Try these sweet cocktail recipes to usher in the summer season in style.