smoothies smoothies Smoothies usher in summer like nothing else. (Photo: verca / Shutterstock)

Fruit smoothies worth dusting off your blender for

Try these cool, heat-beating treats that are also healthy and delicious.

Every summer day can't be a picnic. (But wouldn't it be so nice if it was?) It can, however, be filled with cool, refreshing snacks that are full of nutrients, sweetness and your favorite fruits and vegetables. How is that possible, you say?

Smoothies, that's how. Next time you’re in the mood for a snack, take a detour from your pantry and head to the blender. And consult our list of the most satisfying, rejuvenating smoothies our Israeli Kitchen correspondents have whipped up, just in time for your favorite season.

Purple baby kale and fruit smoothie

kale fruit smoothieNot a fan of kale? It disguises itself quite well in this tasty fruit smoothie. (Photo: Robcartorres/Shutterstock)

Talk about a brilliant disguise! You would never know by the looks of this smoothie that there's a full serving of kale in it. Yes, kale, that leafy green your mom, your yoga instructor and your vegan sister-in-law keep pushing you to try. So what's the delay? Despite reports to the contrary, it is possible to eat like an adult and enjoy it, too.

Get the Israeli Kitchen recipe for purple baby kale and fruit smoothie.

Apricot creamsicle smoothie

Apricot smoothieFresh apricots, Greek yogurt and vanilla are blended into an afternoon delight. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Remember that mad dash you made to the ice cream truck just to get your hands on one of their smooth, sweet creamsicles? (Come on, it wasn't that long ago.) With this smoothie, you get a substantial dose of fruit while cutting down on your inevitable summer intake of ice cream. The truck can wait!

Get the Israeli Kitchen recipe for apricot creamsicle smoothie.

Dragon fruit margarita smoothie

dragon fruit smoothieDragon fruit is a great smoothie ingredient. (Photo: Parinya Suwannagood/Shutterstock)

We all know that dragon fruit isn't currently on your shopping list. But this fruit with the enchanting name is a sight for sore eyes at the farmers market, and it packs some serious flavor, too. It's also a natural fit for smoothies due to its smooth, milky interior texture. Try it with or without a splash of liquor for an equally enjoyable beverage.

Get the Israeli Kitchen recipe for dragon fruit margarita smoothie.

Pumpkin pie smoothie

pumpkin pie smoothieTurn your pumpkin pie into a smoothie. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Pumpkin, you say? In summer? Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves here?

Perhaps we are, but you know you've got that extra can of non-perishable pumpkin puree left over from last year's autumn baking blitz, and you're not too proud to eat only according to the seasons. Besides, everyone loves a forward thinker. This way, you get to drink your pie long before everyone else has even started eating theirs.

Get the Israeli Kitchen recipe for pumpkin pie smoothie.

Super green smoothie

super green smoothieThis easy, filling smoothie is made with avocado. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

As with tomatoes, it's easy to forget that avocado is a fruit. And what do we do with fruit in the summer? We blend them, as in this wildly wholesome green concoction that puts the "smooth" in "smoothie."

Get the Israeli Kitchen recipe for super green smoothie.

Bonus: Peanut butter berry smoothie

peanut butter and berry smoothieIt's peanut butter and jelly in smoothie form. Summer, here we come. (Photo: Tatiana Vorona/Shutterstock)

There's not much that can't be turned into a smoothie. Pumpkin pie, creamsicles ... PB&J? It's true; with this one, you'll feel like you're drinking a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But in this case, there are two very pleasant benefits to smooth-ifying your lunch: it's low carb, and it's very, very cold.

Get the recipe for peanut butter berry smoothie.


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Fruit smoothies worth dusting off your blender for
Check out our list of the most satisfying, rejuvenating smoothies, just in time for summer.