hummus hummus Hummus is delicious as a dip or spread. But there are so many other things you can make with it, too. (Photo: Artur Begel / Shutterstock)

5 foods that were meant for hummus

There's no food that isn't made better by a smattering of hummus – burgers, pizza, even beer.

In case you haven't noticed, hummus is having a moment right now. It's everywhere – and it's no secret why. Aside from being perfectly appropriate for any meal, any time of day, this dippable spread is also wholesome and healthy, and it allows for plenty of creativity. And since we're all about creativity here at the Israeli Kitchen – not to mention that Friday is International Hummus Day – we've compiled five of your favorite foods made better with the addition of hummus.

Hummus pita pizza

pita wedgesThese veggie pita wedges are a delicious way to use hummus. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

From light appetizer to midday snack, this pita pizza is perfectly portioned. Hummus holds the veggies together and tastes incredible when baked.

Get the Israeli Kitchen recipe for hummus pita pizza.

Hummus burgers

hummus burgerAdd hummus to burger meat, or use hummus as the base for a delicious veggie burger. (Photo: Ievgeniia Maslovska/Shutterstock)

You want to like veggie burgers. You really do. This is when hummus burgers come in. You can mix ground beef or turkey with hummus, or you can go the straight veggie route, as Justine Pattison did for the BBC in this recipe.

Hummus sushi

hummus sushi rollsHow about a little hummus in your sushi? (Photo: Jenne Claiborne)

This is not the first time that Mediterranean and Asian foods have collided, but it might be our favorite – especially with the addition of harissa, a spicy North African sauce. These adorable sushi rolls offer the perfect balance of crispy vegetables and fiery spice.

Get the recipe for hummus harissa sushi rolls, created by Jenne Claiborne of the blog Sweet Potato Soul.

Hummus baked potatoes

hummus baked potatoInstead of cheese, bacon or sour cream, try hummus on your baked potato. (Photo: Rena Kuljovska/Shutterstock)

You bought a bag of potatoes but flaked on the fixins. It happens! Let hummus save the day with these easy-to-make, even-easier-to-eat baked potatoes.

Get the recipe for hummus baked potatoes.

Hummus beer

Chickpea Malt BeerChickpea Malt Beer (Photo: Meadan Craft Brewing)

Many Mediterranean foods are naturally gluten free, which makes this a winning diet for those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Meadan, the makers of a brew affectionately known as hummus beer, uses a mixture of chickpeas, dates, quinoa and buckwheat to create its gluten-free Chickpea Malt Ale that's available throughout Israel.


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5 foods that were meant for hummus
Creative ways to use hummus that turn everyday pizza, burgers and beer into something unique and special.