Young African Woman Cooking. Healthy Food - Vegetable Salad. Young African Woman Cooking. Healthy Food - Vegetable Salad. Social distancing isn't all bad. It could be a great time to brush up on your culinary skills. (Photo: Milles Studio/Shutterstock)

10 easy recipes you can make while working from home

Working remotely has its perks, and cooking is chief among them. Make the best of your isolation with these 10 recipes.

Working from home – as many are compelled to do in light of the coronavirus outbreak – is a mixed bag. Some relish the added time with family, or the convenience of being home to accept deliveries, or the lack of office gossip and water-cooler chatter. Others lament the social distance, the disconnection with daily life, the monotony ... but either way, with so many affected by government-mandated COVID-19 restrictions nowadays, it's important to find enjoyment in the little things. Like ... a delicious family meal. A new cooking technique you didn't know about. The aroma that fills your house when you're making something special.

In the years since we launched Israeli Kitchen, we've tried consistently to help you create meals that check off all the boxes of your and your family's priority lists: convenience, efficiency, cost savings, quality and, of course, amazing flavor. And in the wake of current events, that message has never been clearer. That's why we've compiled 10 of our easiest and most efficient recipes to get you through the tedium of telecommuting.

Mini vegetable frittatas

mini veggie frittatas. Breakfast just got beautiful with these savory, wholesome mini veggie frittatas. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

This is not one of those "throw together as you reach for your purse and heels" type of recipes; it’s more like the slow Sunday morning fare you produce when you know you don't have to leave the house for a while. But it’s worth the effort, and of course, you can grab the leftovers the next day.

If you’ve got little ones around, take the time to arrange the tomato slices into friendly little faces. Without even doing it on purpose, I produced a few cute smiley faces on the tops of this batch. So pull up a stool, and get your little one involved. Tell them veggies are our friends! (The type we eat, but whatever.)

Get the recipe here.

4-ingredient sunbutter chocolate bars

sunbutter chocolate bars With only four ingredients, you can achieve this wholesome yet rich snack. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

When you make your own chocolate bars, you can customize the ingredients to your taste, or to accommodate food allergies. But the key reason we're recommending this one is the fun of decorating – you can sprinkle these delicious treats with whatever floats your boat – all-natural sprinkles, candied sunflower seeds, toasted nuts, or just leave ‘em sweet and simple. If the kids are out of school, this is a great family activity for them, too.

Warning: These chocolate bars are rich, and you may want to cut them into even smaller squares. Store them in the freezer for best results; they’re more enjoyable partially frozen.

Get the recipe here.

One-pot teriyaki veggies with buckwheat

teriyaki vegetables with buckwheat Buckwheat is a classic, earthy grain that pairs perfectly with vegetables. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Ancient grains have become very trendy recently, particularly among millennials and young folks. And for good reason: They’re full of nutrients, delicious, and recipes like this one involve no fuss. But lately, there's another selling point for this and other ancient grains: they're available at many grocery stores right now. You might not get your fill of toilet paper, but you're highly likely to find copious amounts of farro, buckwheat, barley, quinoa and the like. For now.

This teriyaki veggie bowl is one of several grain-centered recipes we've created. For this one, click here. For more, check out:

Easy chicken shawarma

Chicken Shawarma recipe. Slice the shawarma into chunks and place in a pita along with hummus, tomato and whatever else you'd like in there. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

One of the true culinary pleasures of Israel is the shawarma. The chicken, lamb or, increasingly, turkey, is placed on a vertical spit and roasted. It's then carved into little chunks of meat and served alongside an assortment of vegetables, or in a pita or flatbread called a laffa.

It's not always easy to come by shawarma outside of Israel. While falafel has become a popular street food in the U.S., shawarma has not totally caught on. Thus my craving for the stuff goes unrequited.

Now's a great time to test out your shawarma-making skills, with this easy version.

Get the recipe here.

Herb wheat pita bread

Homemade pita bread Homemade pita bread is fluffy, delicious and surprisingly easy to make. (Photo: jeffreyw / Flickr)

One of the best parts of this easy recipe is that the pitas need only five minutes to bake. They’ll need to rise 20 minutes, and you can spend that time whipping up a delicious dip that pairs well with homemade pitas. Which is just about anything – from hummus (choose from a variety of flavors) to roasted tomato and red pepper spread.

But with the short bake time, and the easy-to-follow instructions, this recipe is a go-to whenever you want to serve bread with your meal.

Get the recipe here.

Rustic French toast bake

french toast Warm, fresh French toast is perfect on a chilly morning. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Not that making French toast is hard, but this recipe makes it a whole lot easier. You just prepare it the night before, wake up and bake it.

This is optional, but if you want a stuffed French toast, you can put sliced bananas on top of the first layer. Thinly sliced apples can also work. Or just sprinkle some cinnamon. Then add the second layer of bread, same as the first, so it lays flush and cover it with the remaining egg mixture.

Get the recipe here.

Instant Pot sweet and spicy meatballs

sweet and spicy meatballs served over rice. Both the rice and the meatballs can be made in an Instant Pot. (Photo: Russy Tendler)

These days of social distancing provide us with more time to appreciate the things we have at home, things we might not use much in our busier, more hectic, commuter-driven lives. Like ... trendy countertop appliances! The Instant Pot is like a pressure cooker deluxe; not only is it super convenient and easy to use, it also speeds up cooking time while using significantly less energy. And, naturally, it's amassed quite a following among home cooks.

This meatball dish is adapted from the winning recipe in a national cooking competition of home cooks trying to come up with the easiest and most delicious meatballs. In the Instant Pot, cooking time is cut nearly in half.

Get the recipe here.

Roasted red pepper caprese sandwich

roasted pepper caprese sandwich This fresh, uncomplicated sandwich is made from simple ingredients and a tasty balsamic drizzle. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

What's wonderful about simple flavor combinations is just how easy they are to hack. Let's take the caprese salad, for example. It is simply fruit, cheese and basil. Well, OK, drizzled with olive oil and some balsamic. But it's not very complicated.

That's why variations of it (check out our zucchini caprese salad, too) are so popular. It doesn't take much to add a whole new twist. Figs, peaches and pears are just some of the fruits I have seen replace the tomato here.

Another variant is to turn the salad into something else, like a sandwich. This roasted red pepper version is a favorite in our Israeli Kitchen. Why? Because red peppers!

Get the recipe here.

Eggplant pizza

eggplant pizza Use sliced eggplant as the crust and top as you please. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Provided the produce section is still somewhat stocked, there are some really superb recipes to make by substituting eggplant for meat. If you're concerned about the carb overload that might result from being homebound for long periods of time, try making pizza out of eggplant. This eggplant pizza recipe, in particular, makes that objective easy. Instead of pizza dough, let the eggplant be your base.

This recipe uses the spice blend za'atar for a zesty Mediterranean kick. Oregano is a tasty alternative if za'atar isn't available.

Get the recipe here.

The perfect homemade salsa

homemade salsa with heirloom tomatoes When it comes to salsa, there's nothing better than homemade. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

If your family's tolerance for spicy foods and dips runs the gamut, it can be a challenge to buy just the right salsa to please everyone. That's in addition to current challenges to buying food, which no one should be taking lightly. So now, to make the perfect homemade salsa, you can split this recipe in two, so that one half of the household gets the spicy stuff, while the other half is perfect for the heat-averse.

Get the recipe here.


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10 easy recipes you can make while working from home
Telecommuting has its perks. Cooking is one of them. Make the best of your isolation with these 10 recipes.