Krembo is a chocolate-covered marshmallow treat that is popular in Israel. Krembo is a chocolate-covered marshmallow treat that is popular in Israel. Krembo is a chocolate-covered marshmallow treat. (Photo: Oliver Hoffmann / Shutterstock)

A delicious, portable alternative to s'mores: Meet Krembo

These yummy chocolate-covered marshmallow treats are a lot like s'mores, only without the roasting or construction.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who eat their Krembo from the top down, and those who start with the biscuit at the bottom.

If you didn't know what a Krembo is, much less how to eat one, allow us to school you on this delightfully simple yet charmingly irresistible chocolate-covered marshmallow snack. In honor of National S'mores Day, we're inviting you to experience s'mores in a new way. Here are five things you may not have known about Krembo.

1. A Krembo is like a s'more, but without the hassle.

Box of KrembosThere's something special under that foil. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Who wants to spend all that time collecting ingredients, roasting the marshmallows, then putting it all together without half the marshmallow oozing out, and then attempting to eat it before your pesky friends snatch it out of your hand? Simply buy a few Krembos, and poof! Instant s'mores essence. The Krembo's consistency is often compared to that of a Mallomar, with its light, fluffy whipped marshmallow filling covered in a thin layer of dairy-free chocolate, sitting atop a round, crisp biscuit.

2. The Krembo is Israel's winter snack of choice.

These prepackaged snacks are eaten commonly in Israel between October and February, when it's sometimes too chilly to eat ice cream. In the U.S. you can get them in some specialty stores and on Amazon. They also come in mocha and vanilla flavors.

3. You can make Krembos at home.

Tired of the run-of-the-mill special-occasion cupcakes? Why not serve Krembos at your next bash? This recipe lays it all out quite nicely.

Krembo on a trayServe Krembo at your next party. (Photo: Oliver Hoffmann/Shutterstock)

4. There's no wrong way to eat a Krembo.

While it's true that most people eat their Krembos from the top down, there's a small percentage of people who choose to go against the grain, eating the treat from the bottom up. Either way, though, the experience is blissful, as this video of a cheery group of tourists proves:

boy eats krembo(Photo: Achi Raz/Flickr)

5. Krembos don't melt.

They may be a bit less messy than a s'more or an ice cream cone, but that doesn't stop this little boy from trying to conquer it from every angle possible. Hopefully some of it managed to find its way into his mouth.

But as we covered already in No. 4 above, there's no wrong way to eat one. So bon appetit!


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