tacos for cinco de mayo tacos for cinco de mayo Why is this day better than the other 364 of the year? Tacos, that's why. (Photo: Alexander Prokopenko / Shutterstock)

The only taco recipe list you'll ever need

Good news: Today is Cinco de Mayo. More good news: It's also Friday. So eat up!

Tacos are often considered an indulgence, a cheat meal, the fulfillment of a craving. But on at least one day out of the year, they're considered a necessity. And that day is Cinco de Mayo.

Oh, and that's today. Better get right to it. Here are six taco recipes we've culled from our own Israeli Kitchen archives. We think they just might be exactly what your Cinco de Mayo menu is missing.

Veggie burger tacos

veggie burger tacosVeg taco night has never been easier. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

If you've already had veggie burgers for dinner this week, consider our recipe a way to use them up without feeling like you're eating leftovers.

Fish tacos with peach salsa

fish tacosA peach salsa gives these fish tacos a perfectly sweet, fresh taste. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

This one's what we like to call a "kitchen sink recipe." You can basically toss in whatever you want. You can change the type of fish, salsa, or trimmings. You can even use fish sticks! Our Israeli Kitchen contributor Sarah F. Berkowitz was even kind enough to convert the recipe into an easy salad at the end if you’d rather skip the tortillas.

Vegetarian Greek tacos

greek tacosGo for Greek salad in a taco. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Sure, they're not exactly what Cinco de Mayo was founded on. But these Greek salad tacos certainly won't be mistaken for anything else at the party.

Vegan chili tacos

vegan chili tacosOmnivores and vegans alike will delight in these tacos. (Photo: Sarah Berkowitz)

They don't look vegan, do they? And, according to recipe creator Berkowitz, they definitely don't taste it, either. Get our recipe here.

Mango tacos

mango tacoAdd a scoop of salsa on top if you're feeling fancy. (Photo: Leigh Anne Meeks/Shutterstock)

Oh, how summery! If you don't live near a beach, these mango tacos will transport you there via your tastebuds. Plus, you can use the leftover mango for margaritas!

Corn, tofurkey, arugula and Israeli feta tacos

taco with arugulaThis is not your everyday taco. Feta, sausage, arugula and corn give it just the right crunch, flavor and zest. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

This one, another from Berkowitz, combines sweet crunchy corn roasted right on the cob, savory Tofurkey sausage strips, arugula and crumbled feta for an out-of-this-world combination. You can shmear the tortilla with roasted red pepper spread to take the flavor up another few notches, but if you want to skip that step, the flavors will still wow your palate. It’s Israeli-Mexican-southwestern-vegetarian cooking at its best!


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The only taco recipe list you'll ever need
Our taco archive is a celebration of cuisines and amazing combinations, just in time for Cinco de Mayo.