A cappuccino with a smile A cappuccino with a smile Café Café is reducing prices of their coffee if customers and employees are polite to one another. (Photo: andrew crotty/Shutterstock)

Coffee shop's unusual deal: Be polite, get a discount

A café is offering a 25 percent discount off a cup of coffee if you say 'please' and 'thank you.'

A coffee chain is cutting prices – and it's all in the name of good manners.

Café Café, an Israeli coffee chain with more than 150 locations, has reduced the price of a cup of coffee 25%, from around $2.20 to $1.65. But the deal is only triggered when pleasantries are exchanged between customers and baristas.

Café Café branch in Israel's airport.Café Café has locations in every corner of Israel. (Photo: Café Café Facebook)

David Amar, a manager at one of the coffee chain's branches in Tel Aviv, told From The Grapevine that the price drops when the customer says "please" and "thank you" while ordering coffee.

"It's a good way to pass on savings to our customers and create a more pleasant atmosphere," he explained.

It's also a brilliant marketing move. Between all the cafes and coffee chains in the country, competition is fierce. "It will definitely be a good way to draw some more attention to the brand," Amar said.

Café Café manager David AmarCafé Café manager David Amar handed over a coffee and received a 'thank you" in response. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

Fortunately, we here at From The Grapevine have good manners, and always say "please" and "thank you" when ordering coffee. So when Amar served us a cup of Joe, there was no question as to whether or not the discount would be applied.

Of course, according to Café Café, if the customer is unaware of the deal, the barista will say the words instead and grant the new price anyway.


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