Hong kong waffles Hong kong waffles The bubble waffle originated in Hong Kong, where it's served plain or as a wrap for fillings. (Photo: Oleksandra Naumenko/Shutterstock)

The bubble waffle: Looks like bubble wrap, tastes like a dream

Is it breakfast? Is it dessert? Is it a snack? No one knows, but everyone's eating it.

It's either the hottest new trend in desserts, or a crafty marketing ploy to sell single-use countertop appliances... but we're here for it, regardless.

It's called the bubble waffle. As it turns out, it's not a new thing: it's huge in Hong Kong, where it's also known as an egg waffle, egg puff, puffle, gai daan jai or egglet. It's been a popular "street snack" there for decades. The waffles are made from a sweet, egg-rich batter that is cooked on a hot griddle similar to a waffle maker, but with small, round cells instead of square.

For years, they've been eaten just like that: plain. Or, it's occasionally served with fruit and flavors such as strawberry, coconut or chocolate. But somewhere along the way, someone thought: Hey, that would actually make a really good ice cream cone!

Now, these waffles have "popped up" in shops around the world, from Japan and the U.K. to Israel and the U.S. At Yummy Yummy, a shop in Eilat, Israel, you can have your bubble waffle with a refreshing bubble tea on the side.

So for those just getting wind of this waffle phenomenon, the possibilities are yours to discover. Feel free to choose it as a vessel for your favorite Insta-worthy scoop. Or, enjoy it the old-fashioned way: layered on your plate as a delicious breakfast or snack.

You can make it sweet or savory, depending on the time of day and Sweet Toothiness Quotient. (It's a measurement. I just made it up. Tell the others.)

With the proper ingredients and tools, you can "fill" your waffle with just about anything: peanut butter and banana for a sweet sandwich; surprise a loved one with a Funfetti birthday cake waffle; or turn it into dinner, with falafel filling or cheddar and chives.

You could even use the bubble-waffle treatment on a creation we've reported on before: the falafel waffle (aka the fawaffle).


Simply replace the standard waffle iron with the bubble version, and do all the things falafel waffles were made for: eat it like a savory version of the original, add it to a salad or enjoy as part of a sandwich, wrapped in pita. As Food Network points out in their waffled falafel recipe, it's a much healthier alternative to the deep-fried original.

And in case you just wondered, "There's an actual bubble waffle maker out there that I can buy?" Wonder no more: A bubble waffle maker or iron is available at popular kitchen and houseware stores, and, of course, on Amazon. Buy one and have fun bubbling up your meals!


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The bubble waffle: Looks like bubble wrap, tastes like a dream
As if waffles weren't amazing enough, now there's the bubble waffle. The former street snack is ready for prime time, and here's how everyone's eating it.