Breads Bakery Breads Bakery Breads Bakery in New York City. (Photo: / Breads Bakery)

Breads Bakery is making NYC a little more delicious

Co-owner Uri Scheft's creations reflect his Israeli and Danish background.

Some people don't think too hard about the person making their bread. They'll head into their local supermarket or to their favorite bakery, grab what's on the shelf or point to their loaf of choice behind the counter, and are soon on their way.

Not so for the patrons of a well-known bakery that specializes in artisanal breads and pastries, many of whom head there specifically for the handiwork of the chef behind the bread. Some pastry chefs have even made a television career out of their popularity (think of "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro at Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, N.J.).

While he may not have his own TLC show (yet), a little over a year ago Israeli baker Uri Scheft brought his wares to New York City's Breads Bakery, and Manhattan has been more delicious ever since.

Uri Scheft's festive Challah.Uri Scheft's festive challah. (Photo: Breads Bakery)

Scheft's journey to the Big Apple, however, has been a long and circuitous one. Born in Israel to Danish immigrant parents, the baker grew up in both countries.

"I grew up speaking Danish," he told The New York Times last year. "In Israel."

He honed his love of baking while watching his mother make challah every Friday. He traveled through Europe before opening Tel Aviv's famous Lehamim Bakery in 2001.

Fast forward a decade, when NYC businessman Gadi Peleg fell in love with Lehamin Bakery while in Tel Aviv decided to bring Scheft's signature style and tasty goods to New York City. They soon became partners, opened Breads Bakery, and now co-own the business.

Uri Scheft at work in Breads Bakery. Uri Scheft at work. (Photo: Breads Bakery)

Now, with Scheft at the helm, Breads produces stunning artisanal, handmade breads (using traditional baking techniques) seven days a week for hungry New Yorkers. The baker mixes both his Israeli and Danish backgrounds into his food, producing Scandinavian dark rye breads and Israeli standbys like challah. He also offers private bread baking classes at the bakery.

His chocolate babka was named NYC's Best Chocolate Babka in 2013 by New York Magazine.

Uri Scheft's 'Best in New York' Chocolate Babka.Uri Scheft's "Best in New York" chocolate babka. (Photo: Breads Bakery)

"As soon as the babkas emerge from the oven, which they do at least three times a day," wrote the magazine, "Scheft’s team bathes them in sugar syrup, ensuring a crisp, burnished crust and a rich, chocolate-veined interior that remains tantalizingly moist for days."

If you weren't hungry enough already, here are a few photos from Breads Bakery's Instagram to get your tummy rumbling:


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Breads Bakery is making NYC a little more delicious
Award-winning baker and Breads Bakery co-owner Uri Scheft bakes tantalizing creations that reflect his Israeli and Danish background.