zahav restaurant zahav restaurant Many of Zahav's dishes, including this mouth-watering hummus, are typical of the Mediterranean diet. (Photo: Zahav)

Conde Nast's 'where to eat' list salutes Mediterranean cuisine

Magazine says 3 Mediterranean-inspired U.S. restaurants are must-dine destinations.

The Mediterranean diet has caught on across the globe in recent years, and Conde Nast Traveler magazine has taken note in its new "Where in the World to Eat" list, a compilation of 207 restaurants around the world that every traveler must try.

For years, doctors and nutritionists have praised the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet – a regimen of olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese, beans, whole grains and high amounts of protein-packed fish.

Studies have shown the diet to be helpful in dealing with cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and even preventing some cancers.

Assorted superfoodsFresh produce, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes are all full of fiber – and they're all staples of the Mediterranean Diet. (Photo: marilyn barbone/Shutterstock)

Foods typical of Israel are a feature of the diet, so it should come as no surprise that five restaurants from the country make the list – including Abraxas North, Eyal Shani's super popular Tel Aviv spot, which serves up his popular cauliflower, among many other delightful dishes.

Mediterranean mainstays Italy, France and Spain – with their trademark cuisines – are well represented, of course. And notably present are such lauded American restaurants with modern Israeli cuisine such as Oleana, in Cambridge, Mass. and those featuring award-winning chefs like Michael Solomonov's Zahav in Philadelphia and Alon Shaya's Shaya in New Orleans. All feature menus with items commonly found in the Mediterranean diet.

Popular menu items at the Shaya restaurant include avocado toast, hummus, lamb ragu and Louisiana shrimp shakshouka.Popular menu items at Shaya include avocado toast, hummus, lamb ragu and Louisiana shrimp shakshouka. (Photo: Stephen Young)

Other restaurants serving up Mediterranean-inspired food that got namedropped were Zé Bota, in Porto, Portugal, with its "big multi-ingredient platters [that] blend the flavors of sea and land"; Kantin, in Istanbul, Turkey; and Tawlet, in Beirut, Lebanon.

Conde Nast Traveler relied on a network of chefs, food writers and the "most-in-the-know travelers" to come up with its "print-it-out, laminate-it, take-a-screenshot-of-it, globe-spanning hit list."


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