smoothies with fruit topping smoothies with fruit topping Clean eating is not just a buzzword. It's a lifestyle. (Photo: sarsmis / Shutterstock)

The best recipes for clean eating that will channel the earth's goodness

Clean eating is simple and logical. If you want to eat well, go straight to the source.

At its very core, clean eating is a principle steeped in logic and simplicity: If you want to eat well, go straight to the source. Clean eating followers embrace whole, natural foods and reduce or eliminate processed or refined foods. They eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains and avoid sugars, artificial sweeteners, salt and fats.

So how can you, lover of fast food and all those strategically placed snacks at the grocery store checkout line, get in on this? The answer is in the kitchen – the Israeli Kitchen, that is. We've compiled six of our favorite recipes that embody the clean eating lifestyle, but not just because they're good for you – they're also easy, full of accessible and inexpensive ingredients, and downright delicious.

Super green smoothie

super green smoothieThis easy, filling smoothie is made with avocado. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

You can do a lot with avocado. You can mash it into a dip, slice it onto a sandwich – and yes, you can actually drink it, too. In addition to avocado, this smoothie includes strawberries, bananas and spinach, with a sprinkling of chia seeds. This is the perfect remedy for your mid-afternoon slump.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for Super Green Smoothie.

Spaghetti squash with maple ginger glaze

spaghetti squashLighten up your spaghetti dinners with this veggie alternative. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Have you ever grown spaghetti in your garden? No, that's not a trick question. This squash is naturally stringy and a perfect palette for so many flavors – even, you guessed it, pure maple syrup.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for Spaghetti Squash with Maple Ginger Glaze.

Green beans with mushrooms and walnut pesto

green beans with mushrooms and pestoGreen beans are in good company in this zesty pesto dish. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

What's your side dish game lately? Open can, pour into plastic container, microwave for 1 minute ... where's the enjoyment there? Next time, put a little pizzazz in your veggie side dish with a zesty walnut pesto.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for Green Beans with Mushrooms and Walnut Pesto.

Beefsteak tomatoes with peach basil salsa

beefsteak tomatoes with peach basil salsaRipe tomatoes are best for this dish. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

This is where home gardeners can put their bounty to optimal use: beefsteak tomatoes, picked at the peak of ripeness, with a sweet, succulent peach basil salsa topping. It's so simple, we wonder how the three main ingredients – tomatoes, peaches and basil – took so long to find each other.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for Beefsteak Tomatoes with Peach Basil Salsa.

Bulgur and freekah pilaf

Bulgar and freekah pilafBulgar and freekah pilaf (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

This is where the whole grain portion of your clean eating routine takes shape: two kinds of grain that happen to pair remarkably well, combined with nuts and dried fruit, to make a pilaf dish you'll want to bookmark for years of dinners to come.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for Bulgur and Freekah Pilaf.

Raspberry banana nice cream

raspberry banana nice creamWith hemp seeds for protein, this nice cream is truly a powerhouse snack. (Photo: Esther Berkowitz)

You didn't think we could get through an entire Israeli Kitchen recipe list without featuring at least one dessert, did you? Yes, even clean eaters indulge once in awhile – but with this inventive "nice cream" recipe, eater's guilt need not apply.

Get our Israeli Kitchen recipe for Raspberry Banana Nice Cream.


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The best recipes for clean eating that will channel the earth's goodness
Experts and dietitians agree that clean eating is an ideal lifestyle choice. Here are some great recipes that embody that lifestyle.