food mashup collage food mashup collage Like two songs fused together to the tune of a million YouTube hits, food mashups are becoming a beloved culinary pasttime. (Photo: Shutterstock, Jerry James Stone, Sarah F. Berkowitz)

The best mashups of your favorite foods

From sushi burritos (sushiritos) to falafel burgers (falafurgers?), we just can't get enough of this tasty trend.

Which came first: the turducken or the cherpumple?

If you've ever had one of those, or even know what they are, you know what we're dealing with here: food mashups. The good, the bad, the ridiculous. The dangerous depths that chefs will go to fuse two seemingly disparate dishes and make them truly unforgettable.

Ever had a sushirito? If you've ever been to Shi Shi Talk and Roll in Tel Aviv, Israel, you've likely at least seen this sushi-burrito combination that's really an enlarged sushi roll. (Because that's really what a burrito is.) Simple, right? But that's what makes it special!

sushi burrito roll or sushiritoJust roll with it, foodies. (Photo: Odua Images/Shutterstock)

Then there's the donut burger, which you may have seen at, say, every state and county fair from Bakersfield to Brooklyn ... and if you were really brave, you tried it ... right after bidding adieu to your diet, of course.

donut burger with cheese and lettuceThe lettuce really makes a difference. (Photo: Colin Dewar/Shutterstock)

Nice to meet you, Gluttony. Come here often?

Indeed, the food fusion movement is more than just offering two (or more!) cuisines at the same restaurant; it might also end up merging two dishes in the same meal!

And it's not just trendsetting restaurants getting hip to this practice; some bonafide home chefs, like our brilliant contributors here at the Israeli Kitchen, have been whipping up their own mashups for years and are all too kind to share them with us.

Falafel + burger = falafel burger

Getting creative with cuisines is one thing; getting creative with cuisines while manning a grill is another. But you know what makes that whole conundrum easier? These falafel burgers! Why? Because, like ground beef or turkey. they'll take basically whatever shape you fancy. They're also delicious, nutritious and vegan – a pretty great combo for a wide variety of company. Get our full recipe here.

Caprese salad + Italian sub = caprese sandwich

roasted pepper caprese sandwichThis fresh, uncomplicated sandwich is made from simple ingredients and a tasty balsamic drizzle. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

What's wonderful about simple flavor combinations is just how easy they are to hack. Let's take the caprese salad, for example. It is simply fruit, cheese, and basil, and the former two are entirely up to you.

That's why variations of it are so popular. It doesn't take much to add a whole new twist. Even turning the salad into something else, like a sandwich, can be pleasantly simply and charming. This roasted red pepper version is a favorite of home chef and Israeli Kitchen contributor Jerry James Stone. Why? Because red peppers! That and any recipe that you can pretty much wing is the best recipe ever. Get our full recipe here.

Baklava + cookie = baklava cookies

baklava cookiesThis recipe turns traditional baklava upside-down. (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

Do you adore baklava, but don’t want to spend time handling delicate phyllo dough? Baklava cookies are the answer. Basically a sugar cookie recipe, it gives you the sweet, nutty, baklava taste you’re seeking, with a difference, of course. Unlike the crisp, crackly texture of the traditional baklava crust, the cookie stays tender yet firm. The topping delivers the flavor of spiced nuts that makes baklava so tempting. Get our full recipe here.

Veggie burger + taco = veggie burger tacos

veggie burger tacosVeg taco night has never been easier. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Have you ever noticed how the number of burger patties in a box is not the same number of buns in a bag? One or the other are inevitably left over. So here is a fun way to celebrate Taco Tuesday (or any other day when tacos strike your fancy), with all those leftover veggie burgers! Get our full recipe here.

Mochachino + muffin = mochachino muffin

mochachino muffinThis flavorful muffin is jam-packed with coffee flavor. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Recipe contributor Sarah Berkowitz, who frequently repeats recipes over and over again to achieve results as close to perfect as possible, took a couple tries before yielding a sweet, but not too sweet, flavorful muffin that’s jam-packed with coffee flavor and enough chocolate to make it mocha worthy.

And because we like to enjoy baked goods and watch fat and fiber content, this recipe uses white whole wheat flour and replaces oil with mashed banana. So not only is it mashing up two foods, it's also doing it sensibly. Get our full recipe here.

Babka + muffin = chocolate babka muffin

A close-up of a chocolate babka muffin.A close-up of a chocolate babka muffin. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

The famous babka is a sweet, twisted yeast cake filled with chocolate or cinnamon, prepared by only the most talented (or brave) bakers out there. This is not a fast and easy recipe – get ready to roll up your sleeves, get messy and have a lot of fun. But trust me when we tell you it’s worth every step. Just make sure you’ve got hungry friends lined up ready to taste this delicacy, or you’ll eat way too much of it yourself! Get our full recipe here.

Chocolate chip cookies + hummus = dessert hummus

chocolate chip hummusThis sweet hummus puts a fun spin on snacking. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

We’ve all seen that hummus is not just for chickpeas anymore, with cool varieties like beet, sweet potato and black bean hummus. And with a culinary world that loves to mix things up, the new hummus takes this creamy dip to the dessert course, using our favorite ingredient – chocolate – along with wholesome, natural ingredients that taste great and have loads of nutrition so you can indulge with peace of mind. Get our full recipe here.


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The best mashups of your favorite foods
From sushi burritos (sushiritos) to falafel burgers (falafurgers?), here are some genius food mashups we wish we thought of.