hummus in Acre, Israel hummus in Acre, Israel Acre, Israel, is becoming famous for being more than just one of the oldest cities in the world – it's also growing in popularity as a Mediterranean food hub. (Photo: ChameleonsEye / Shutterstock)

Is this the best hummus in the world?

This video shows that the hummus from the busy port city of Acre is in a category all its own.

If you've never had the hummus at Soheila's Restaurant in Acre (also known as Akko or Acco), an ancient city on the northern coast of Israel and an emerging hotbed of Mediterranean food, your quest for the world's best hummus may not be over.

"Once you've had the hummus here, you'll never be satisfied with any other hummus," said Jonathan Elkhoury, who narrates and stars in a series of videos highlighting the amazing food, culture and beauty of Israel. In the video below, Elkhoury visits this legendary hummus shop to see if the rumors are true: Is this really the best hummus in the world?


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